1082112363A person’s vibration (high or low) does not indicate his value and does not give him the right to place himself above other people. On the contrary, your vibration indicates the degree in which you’re able to help others, to be of service to the collective. 

Every being sends out a frequency: this frequency is the vibrational speed of your cells. The happier you are, the more consistent you are with yourself and the healthier your life style, the higher (faster) your vibration will be. An expansion of your consciousness elevates your vibration and you pass from one state of being to another. 

Your vibration indicates your current state of mind and the state of your consciousness, but it doesn’t indicate your value. Every part of existence has the same value, since everything originates from the same source. If you vibrate on a low frequency, you will not have the energy to concern yourself with other people and you’d better concentrate on your own well-being and personal evolution for the time being, to not risk exhaustion. If you have a high vibration, you have the energy (and very often the desire) to share with others and to contribute your personal experience to the collective. 

Photo: Gabey Tjon