One day, among the crowd that came to listen to him, there is a man that is profoundly annoyed by the holiness of the Buddha. He starts shouting insults at the Buddha, and then leaves, fuming with rage. 

Walking along the rice fields of the village, his rage calms down and little by little, he starts feeling profoundly ashamed of himself. How could he have acted this way? He decides to go back to the village and apologise to Buddha. 

Arriving before him, he sinks to his knees and asks him to forgive him for the violence of his words. Buddha, all compassion, lifts him to his feet and explains that there is nothing to forgive. Surprised, the man recalls the insults he uttered. 

– “What do you do when someone offers you an object that you have no use for or that you have no desire for?” – Buddha asks

– “I simply don’t accept it” – the man replies

– “What about the person that tried to hand you the object in the first place?” – Buddha asks

– “Well, he stays in possession of the object” – the man says

– “That is without a doubt why you suffered from the insults and rude words you uttered. As for me, be assured that I was not harmed. There was no-one to accept the violence you had to offer.” – said Buddha.