Unity is not something you can aspire towards, because it is already all around us. The separation we feel is a mistake of our mind, a belief that just needs to be transformed. We are all, every person that exists, projections of the same source of life. This source has no gender, it is transcendent and it doesn’t discriminate. In the absolute, separation does not exist.

From the moment we incarnate into a human body, it seems to us that we are separate from the source, no matter the virtual distance of our incarnation to the source (the degree of density and our consciousness determine whether or not we feel a strong or less strong relationship to the source).


Actually, we can’t really speak about separation, but rather duplication or multiplication. We are always part of this source of life, because like every other part of existence, we are a projected aspect of this source, mirrors to the source. When we decide to incarnate, we decide to project a specific part of universal consciousness in a body or another specific form.

The reason for this projection (duplication) is for the source to experience itself, through our experience as projected forms and this goes the other way as well: this projection allows us to experience source as well.

This first dual separation (the mirror effect source-us, us-source) is recreated to infinity, because every element of existence necessarily has it’s mirror image somewhere in existence (from the tiniest cell to the largest galaxy), when something new emerges, it’s mirror automatically emerges as well.

On our earth, we experience this duality at all levels of existence. Every situation has it’s mirror and everything it’s complement (often interpreted by us as an opposition). We can see this as 2 sides to the same medal. We experience this illusion of separation through the different polarities that exist in the universe, for example man-woman, inside-outside, good-evil, creator-creation….

12010774_1115942061752496_5722731388505446162_oThis mirror effect allows us to see, learn and understand our life and our reality. This way we can look at our own lives from a distance (or in any case it’s meant to), which allows us to learn.

What we notice today is that the experience of duality creates many problems for humanity. These problems are, without exception, the result of bad interpretation and understanding of the concept of duality. Often we can’t detect the unity that’s at the foundation of the duality we experience. 

We don’t see the complementarity of our mirror and human beings try, incessantly and since the beginning of time, to change, eradicate, chase his complement. To kill our mirror is to kill ourselves. Not accepting our complement is not accepting ourselves entirely and staying incomplete, not whole. 

We can visualise unity as a sphere with equal masculin and feminine components, god and goddess perfectly balanced. There is no separation between them, one flows into the other and we can’t clearly detect where one begins and the other ends. 
One is the mirror image of the other and the fusion of the 2 elements, the 2 components of the same unity, represent unity, harmony and guide us back to the source. 

Different paths that lead to unity

How do we then integrate this unity, instead of drifting further and further away from it? It’s enough to accept unity in every part of our existence and our person. Indeed, duality (in terms of opposing forces) does not exist and it’s sufficient to be aware of this and integrate this information to extract ourselves from the problems that are the result of our beliefs on the subject. This seems pretty easy and straightforward, but for human beings, this is the most difficult thing to do. 

eruption-1And yet, the earth gives us plenty of help on how tu understand unity. She shows us a perfect co-existence of dense-airy, big-small, inside-outside, moving-still, fire-water, softness-strength… All these energies that seem to oppose each other are part of the same globe and contribute to it’s balance and even allow it to exist.

Being in nature and observing closely what goes on around us, absorbing the atmosphere and synchronising with the state of harmony that reigns in the natural world helps us to situate this point of balance in ourselves and integrate this state of being at the very root of our person.
It’s the observation and understanding of what is on the outside that teaches us how to apply this same principle on the inside. 

We can take this path in the opposite direction as well: we start from our inner realm and apply what we experience on the inside on the outside as well. We let our inner state of being define and model our outer circumstances. 
It’s the connection to the heart that can show us how to act in different situations. The heart is the place in the body that represents unity and a regular connexion to the heart can help us invite unity in all the different domains in life. We can start doing this consciously through meditations where we place our attention on the heart center. Little by little we start to follow the way of the heart more and more and search this state of harmony in different parts of our being, of our actions, of our decisions in life. 

This way we can find the middle path. The middle way is a path that leads to unity, because it’s a path that accepts the 2 poles of existence and avoids pending too much to one side or the other. We stay vigilant not to fall into extremes and it’s the point of balance on the scales that brings us interior and exterior harmony. 

Unity of the Sexes

The best example of this mirror effect is the complementarity of the sexes. For life to exist, we need a masculin and a feminine component. Their union creates the child. The child holds a masculin and a feminine part in himself, just like every person that exists, independent of the sex of the person. 

One cannot aspire to unity (harmony) without accepting the existence of the 2 elements. A man and a woman are the mirror image to each other, each one representing the other pole of existence, the mirror image of the other. Woman is the inversion of man, man the inversion of woman. 

image006The source of man is a feminine energy and the source of woman is a masculin energy. The life’s mission of man is to identify his feminine source and express it. A man is not virile, strong, active, powerful OR sensitive, intuitive, attentive, spiritual. A man is both, he is courageous and gentil, strong and soft.
The source of man is softness, intuition, receptivity that expresses itself with assertiveness and assertion on the outside (the core of man is softness, the shell is strength). The core of man is a circle that expresses itself in a square.


Page 851The source of woman is masculin in energy and her life’s mission is to identify her source of strength and express it.
We cut women in half: she is Marie-Magdalen or Marie. A woman is not sweet, sensitive, spiritual and virginal OR powerful, earthly, sensual and fertile. A woman is both and cannot aspire to unity without having reconnected to these 2 aspects of her femininity.

The source of woman is strength that expresses itself gently (the core of woman is strength, the shell is delicacy). The core of woman is square, the exterior is circle. 

It’s simply a matter of accepting the complementarity and equality of the sexes on the inside and on the outside to fully experience the unity that us already there.