A Synchronicity is the manifestation of magic in the material world.

Since I organised a ritual for Imbolc, the druid holiday that is celebrated on the first of february and that gently invites us to leave our winter sleep, I’ve been contacted by 5 druids. I regularly work with druid energies and the energies of the earth, but I don’t know any druids personally and not often do I have the opportunity to communicate with people who work with the same energies. So it was with great pleasure that I was able to exchange thoughts with these people who are very much in touch with nature and who listen to their hearts. 

They didn’t know, when they contacted me, that I also organise druid rituals, like them. This proves that when you align to a certain vibration, you will attract similar vibrations. As you become more conscious of this fact, synchroncities will start to appear faster and more often in your life. The druids that contacted me in the week that followed Imbolc were a nice case of synchronicity, which made me feel like I’m in good company and I receive all the support I need to continue my efforts of harmonisation of the earth and of letting the voice of the divine feminine heard. 

This beautiful heart was sent to me by one of these druid women, who shared it with me on an impulse: several people had told her about me without us knowing each other and she decided to send me a message after receiving several of my articles from different people. She sent me this beautiful heart the same day I had a long conversation about the heart of Uruguay with Jean-Baptiste. When we follow an impulse that’s coming from the heart, there’s always a reason and it’s always right. Thank you Sylvie.