Superficial damage: I’m very angry with all the companies that close their divisions in my country to go produce their products at a much lower cost in Asia, creating unemployment where I live.

Opportunity: I’m conscious of my role in the reality of cheap products at all cost and I started investigating my own consumer habits. I prefer to buy less, but buy quality products. I don’t buy anything without questioning it’s origin and it’s production method. 

As a business owner I can feel the wind of change and I can see that by applying the commercial practices of the past I’m shooting myself in the foot: I contribute to the impoverishment of my country, creating unemployment, poverty and a very unstable social climate. I choose to imply sustainable production methods and fair trade. By redirecting my life in this way, I’m able to act consciously and my life has meaning. 

I know that oftentimes, the lower the price, the higher the actual cost. When brands or shops sell their products at very low prices, the products are produced in countries where the population is more easily exploitable (less legislation to protect them), my product has likely passed between the hands of a child, the environmental cost is catastrophic because of primary resources being stolen from the earth without any consideration for the natural environment, etc. The money I save is payed doubly or triply by the earth and humanity as a whole.  

From a global point of view: The model we’ve adopted since the industrial revolution, the model of “larger, faster, more” has become toxic for humanity and the earth. We’ve emancipated ourselves from religion to fall directly under the influence of an economic dictatorship. We’ve replaced god with money and we’re starting to reconsider past choices. 

The evolution of our world is making us see the flaws in models that are based upon exploitation and inequality and this is just the first step. All these toxic behaviours will cease to exist in the future and only methods that respect life will continue to exist. We’re just witnessing life rebalancing itself, adjusting inequalities to go back to a state of harmony, like it has always done.