Superficial damage: I’m thoroughly disappointed in the political decisions that are being taken today and I’m losing my faith in humanity.

Opportunity: I realise that my disappointment lies with only a small portion of humanity, in this case the politicians that are in charge of my country. I can see that their decisions do not reflect the wishes or the feelings of the majority of the population. This realisation helps me let go of the importance I used to give to the people that govern my country and helps me see that they don’t have the moral authority, nor do they seem to exhibit any extra-ordinary intellectual capacities, that could justify the fact that they make decisions for me. I’m an intelligent adult that is perfectly capable of deciding upon the course of his/her own life. 

From a global point of view: We live in an era of revelations, there are more an more scandals implying the leaders of our country: whitewashing, tax-evasion, pedophilia, rape, etc. The majority of people that occupy positions of power today got those positions through less than admirable means. We can’t expect people that always only looked out for their own interest to suddenly start caring about the rest of humanity. Today reality motivates us to start seeing things as they are and not as we would like them to be. 

This period of “deceptions”, accelerated by events in the political realm, are part of the global emancipation of humanity in the same way that puberty is part of the process of becoming an adult. In the way our parents lost their superhero status at a certain age to help us develop our own identity, we are starting to see that the people who are in charge of our societies are flawed. This is an essential and necessary step that will allow us to fully assume our own strength and become independent and responsible beings.

We will not be able to live in a responsible world until every individual is made fully responsible of his own life.