One of the most common mistakes we can make is wanting to be sure of something or wanting to know the outcome before we act. This is the best way to sabotage yourself in life. Often we hold ourselves back by wanting to see into the future before we act. 

If we wait until we know the future, we never act according to our intuition and we limit our life experience with our mental reasonings. We stay in a situation we’re used to, that doesn’t suit us, because we’re afraid of the unknown.

The way of the heart leads from the heart to the mind and not the other way around: We feel, we act and THEN we know. Our mind follows our heart. Don’t expect to see into the future: Act, choose a direction that feels good intuitively and you will feel what to do next. You’ll feel the next step when you’re already moving, not while you’re waiting around. 

The way of the heart reveals itself, little by little, in the movement. You feel – you act – you understand and so on and so on. This is the game of life.