We have a tendency to see a guide as an adult person who comes into our lives in a miraculous way to share his wisdom and knowledge with us and to enlighten us on a certain subject.
In reality, guides and messengers take many different shapes and forms and once we start paying attention to what is happening around us, we recognise many different types of guides. We start to see that the people we share our lives with are often messengers and many times say just the thing we need to hear to be able to move on: we can see that the behaviour of our family members is telling us something about us; that our children are confronting us with obvious truths in their innocent manner; that there are places that make us feel a certain way, that are sending us messages through our feelings; there’s the family dog that teaches us unconditional love; there’s a beautiful tree that attracts our attention and moves us to the core ….

I recently said goodbye to two of my guides, they transferred their knowledge to me and once I had integrated this information, they let me know it was time to go.
The guides I’m talking about are rocks, stones if you will. This might seem strange, but it isn’t actually: minerals and stones carry the memories of the places they originate from and of all the events they witnessed, of all the people and living beings they encountered. For example: crystals are well known for their data storage capacities (think about the crystal skulls that contain the knowledge of entire civilisations) and will soon be replacing our hard drives and USB drives. This is why we should pay more attention to where our jewelry, where our gemstones are coming from. For example: if we’re wearing an engagement ring with a diamond that has been mined by children or slave labour and that helped finance a war, we are not attracting any kind of energy that will be beneficial to a happy mariage…
In many ancient civilisations the stones that were set into jewelry were carefully selected for the person that was meant to wear it. The goldsmith took into account the inherent properties of each stone and the function it was going to perform for the person wearing the jewel. The goldsmith was seen as a magician, a person that was able to heal or to help invite certain energies into a person’s life. Many pieces of jewelry were worn for a long duration of time, the stones or minerals would “work” on the situation or person for the time that was needed and often the piece of jewelry would break or the stone would crack when the objective was fulfilled. (That’s why you don’t repair healing bracelets).

And that was exactly what happened with my stones, they fulfilled their mission in my life, so I took them to a beautiful, fertile forest where they could be returned to a natural environment.
I didn’t recognise the stones as guides at first, I thought they were just souvenirs that I took home from places I visited. It was each time after I got home that I started noticing the effect they had on me, I started taking them with me during seminars I was teaching, they accompanied me during meditation and they helped me during healing sessions.

I “found” the first stone in august 2013 in a place called “Valley of the Saints” in Brittany. The valley is actually a large round, inclining hilltop which flows into a valley that contains a chapel and a water spring. Recently the valley has become the stage of an ever-evolving exposition of huge granite statues depicting various Britton Saints and elements of Britton folklore from multiple regional artists that were inspired by the place.
If the energy in Brittany is already very strong and vibrant in general, the energy on this hillside is even more amazing. The hillside is an ancient meeting place for druids and has hosted huge druidic festivities and welcomed many sages who came there to philosophize and meditate, to speak to the earth, to read the stars and communicate with other galaxies.
The rock I found (the dark one in the picture) carried this druidic energy and reconnected me to the energy of the earth, the wisdom of the druids (and prepared me in the period preceding my druidic wedding) and helped me build confidence in my healing capacities. It awoke my inner druid, sharpened my sensitivity to natural phenomena (seasonal cycles, lunar cycles, equinoxes…) and it taught me that in order to understand and connect with other spheres, realities, dimensions etc. you first have to be well grounded.

The second rock that accompanied me for a while was the white rock I found on the isle of Sardinia in June 2014. Sardinia is one of the oldest landmasses of Europe and the whole island bathes in a mystical, powerful energy and it is said to be one of the resting places of Marie Magdalene when she fled Egypt. I went there on a silence retreat during which I found my treasure that was waiting for me at my favourite meditation spot in a fertile, hidden valley.
This place radiated a very special energy that reconnected me to my femininity and the divine feminine in me.
I had evolved very rapidly since the beginning of the year and because of my spiritual revolution, I had developed a tendency to focus on my spiritual side and to accord less attention to my body. What I learned here was that taking good care of your material being is essential to leading a balanced and healthy spiritual life. Our incarnation is an essential part of what we came here to experience and eating well, feeling good in our skin and having a healthy sex life are important elements to achieve unity and harmony.
The island taught me to connect the material part of my being to the spiritual part of my being and every time I meditated with the stone that came from that island, I was able to reconnect to this knowledge.

Let us keep an open mind and be mindful to what is happening around us, because we might meet a guide where we least expected one.