My love story with rainbows started when I was a child. I was very young when my family and I left on a plane to go on holiday. There was a lot of turbulence during the flight and people started to be alarmed. I was terrified. All of a sudden, I look out the window and I see a rainbow that is tracing a perfect circle around the plane. I was amazed and immediately felt reassured. I knew that everything would be fine, without understanding why. I never forgot this moment and since then I see rainbows as direct manifestations of magic in our material world.

p1130919_fotor-600x247It’s when I grew older that I started to notice that rainbows always appear at key moments in life. Often, nature will send us signs and when we pay attention to these signs, they can help us keep moving in the right direction. It can be reassuring sometimes to know that the universe is conscious of our actions and that we receive support when we choose to follow our path in life. 

Here are the different symbolic meanings of rainbows:

  • A sign of support: A rainbow can appear as a good omen when you need reassurance or when you worry about a certain situation. The rainbow is there for you to know that everything will work out fine and it’s asking you to stay confident and keep the faith.
    Example: Jean-Baptiste got yellow fever when we were travelling in Bolivia and we decided to go to a hospital when we realised his body needed help to get better. It took us a harrowing 4-hour taxi journey back to the capital and the first thing we saw when we arrived in town was a rainbow. We took it as a good omen, telling us that everything would work out fine. 10 minutes later we arrived at the hospital which was called « Rainbow »-hospital…
  • A sign of confirmation: If you are unsure about a certain important decision or change in your life, the rainbow can appear to confirm you made the right choice and you are moving in the right direction, figuratively or literally speaking. If you haven’t decided yet, it’s there to tell you to follow your intuition, your intuition is right. A rainbow can, for example, appear while you are moving or while travelling to indicate you made the right choice and you are heading for the right destination for you at that moment in time.
  • A sign of protection: If a rainbow appears when you are in a situation that feels dangerous or risky and you are afraid, it is there to tell you that you are protected and that you have nothing to fear. The rainbow is there to show you that you are not alone and that you have guardian angels or spirit guides that are looking over you, ensuring your security and well-being.
  • A sign of completion: A rainbow contains the 7 main colours, the colours of the 7 chakras and in this regard it represents wholeness, it represents something that is finished. A rainbow can indicate that you have arrived at the end of a cycle and that you are now ready to move on to something else.
    It indicates that you have completed a process, mission accomplished, you can now start something new.
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