I love to look people in the eyes when I first meet them or when I talk to them. I’m looking for something special in there. What I’m looking for in the person that is sitting opposite from me, is what I call the spark of life: it’s a twinkle that makes the eyes of this person sparkle. It’s the light of “everything is possible”, it’s the spirit of magic, the proof that this person is still very much alive. Without any exception these sparkles I perceive here and there belong to people that kept the spirit of magic alive in their lives, these people are able to see and above all to feel the beauty of life. They are curious about life, they’re explorers who continue to wonder and investigate about what they don’t know yet. 

There are no special circumstances that keep this spark alive and I’ve able already perceived them in the least likely places: I saw them in the eyes of a very sick person or in the eyes of someone whose living conditions seemed particularly desperate to me. And at the exact moment I saw the spark, I knew that everything was still possible for them and that they had infinite possibilities, despite of their obstacles. 

And I saw the opposite. Many times I met people who had the loveliest of smiles, who uttered words filled with hope, with heaps of ambition and overflowing with talent but with empty eyes. Something broke inside of them and their spark went out. And at that exact moment I knew that despite of all the objectively favourable circumstances: the support of their family, intelligence, wealth…they would not be able to heal, to find happiness, to succeed…as long as they were unable to reignite their spark.