Since a year and a half I’ve been planning my druid wedding and I never could’ve foreseen the magnitude of the change this would bring about in my life! Since our marriage I’ve received some new information (inspired messages) that completed what I already sensed about this union. I’m sharing this message with you in this post, alongside my own insights, because it could help couples who consider to celebrate their union in a similar way. I hope this message will help you understand that a sacred union is not something you do on a whim, or in a thoughtless manner, but that it consists a real commitment with real consequences. However, if you’re living in harmony in your couple, if you’re lovingly living together and you’re on a path of mutual evolution, this union can be of true value to your life and will mean a true blessing to your individual path of evolution.

The period before the marriage

“The druid wedding, or any other ancestral wedding ceremony that honours existence (the earth, the living beings, the skies) and life (an understanding of the equilibrium in the universe, between masculine-feminine forces, light-shadow, …) and that is celebrated in an honest, true and respectful manner consists a sacred act. Sacred because you create with your union the holy trinity: man-woman-couple.”

In the messages I receive there are multiple examples of “holy trinities”, always with a balance between each point of the trinity: there’s always a masculine pole, a feminine pole and the third pole that is the result of the harmony and collaboration between the first two poles. This is why the Christian holy trinity has certainly been modified, because there is a complete absence of feminine pole and therefore an impossibility to create balance and harmony.

dsc08012“The couple that decides to unite in this way will honour the principle of equilibrium in the universe and can expect to be “tested” before the wedding, during the preparatory period. By placing the intention of union in a sacred manner, you both make a promise to contribute to harmony and help opposite forces to move towards union through your couple. This intention is a powerful act of energy, you’re moving forces in the universe and will therefor attract the attention of all sorts of energies.
Consider every manifestation of light and beings of light, as every manifestation of shadow and beings in the shadows, as a blessing. Every encounter will provide you with insights that are essential to the evolution of the two poles of the couple and to catalyse the movement towards unity. You are being tested and every encounter, every action, every event will be in function of this test. You will meet people that will prove to be of great value to you and that will reinforce your determination, as you will meet people who will try to make you doubt, to destabilise you. Very often they will do this in spite of themselves, not because they have “bad intentions”, but because they lack comprehension of the forces (true forces of nature, existence and the universe) that have been put into motion following your commitment.
Should your couple not be strong enough, you will not be able to get married. You will decide to postpone or annul the marriage or even separate, because the universe will not allow you to engage in a sacred union. If, however, you’re able to correctly sense the events and the tests that are happening during this period of “tribulations” with your beloved, you will be stronger and tighter as a couple for it and more luminous and pure individuals as a result of everything you had to purify to be able to move forward.

You can visualise the energy that you’re putting into motion like a hurricane. With a good sense of communication and companionship in your couple and the necessary calm of mind, you will stay in the eye of the storm and nothing can happen to you. However, the hurricane will cause havoc all around you and will move around your whole entourage, you life and your reality. Be conscious of this and keep your role as an observer. Accept and welcome the changes in your life/lives and accept changes in your entourage. Take some distance, in a gentle fashion, of energies (situations, people, places, etc.) that don’t suit you anymore. The lighter you are for your union, the stronger your union will be and the faster your take-off as a couple will be after the union. Accept this experience and your union can be built on fertile ground (like a field after a flood) and everything you’ve carefully sowed beforehand will start to germinate easily.”

10625076_10152809188852318_4249611094023293252_nIn my own experience, these changes are nothing to fear, everything happens in a natural flow. You’re just changing your energies and your “new” energy will not agree with certain people, who will often distance themselves automatically. Being conscious of this evolution will help you accept the fact that your union will confront some of your loved-ones with aspects of their own couple, their personality, that they haven’t accepted yet. Don’t be angry with them, everyone has their own path to follow, let them take the distance that is comfortable for them. The people who will stay and who are added to your life are people that accept your new state of being and they will prove to be of great value, cherish them.

There might also be people that choose not to participate in the celebration of your union, because they don’t understand the meaning of it. Accept this as well, don’t force anything. I’m a sensitive person and I’ve sensed the hesitations of multiple persons to come to our wedding. I sensed false suppositions, doubt, fear coming from them, but I welcomed this and I accepted the possibility that they wouldn’t be there to take part in our union. Take some distance to let each person decide for themselves. What is important, is that you don’t close the door beforehand to certain people, just because you “assume” they won’t be open to the idea of your spiritual event. You will be surprised by the reactions.

Between the decision to get married in a druid ceremony (15 march 2013) and the actual wedding (20 septembre 2014) many aspects of my reality changed: I left my job to follow my heart and collaborate with my loved one, I discovered some hidden potential inside of me that I decided to explore and develop, I learnt different methods of healing to never really use them, I said goodbye to and welcomed many people in my life, etc, etc. Every single one of these changes was a step to get closer to who I really am, to peel away another layer of illusion that hid my true self. And it’s only in hindsight that I realised that all of this was in preparation of my sacred union, that I would not have been able to get married in this manner had I not let go of aspects of my reality that didn’t agree with me anymore, had I not already embarked on the road towards a more authentic life, a more truthful life.

Don’t make any big decisions right before your union. The hurricane will be at it’s most powerful just before the wedding. Logical, because it’s charged with everything you let go of during your journey, everything you decided to dispose of, all your heavy-weights. Accept this period of calm, of introspection, of inner guidance where you’ll sometimes have the feeling that you’re living in “nothingness”. This is perfect! You need this nothingness to be able to stay in the eye of the storm. You’re creating the void you need to be able to live and feel abundance. If you’re experiencing a period you feel as “boring”, with little support of your entourage, or little “material” goods, this is completely normal and even desirable, maintain your courage and look for support where you will find it: first in yourself and then in your loved one.”

The sacred union

20140920_153343“Your union is a sacred act and a powerful act of energy, carefully choose your witnesses for this event. Your witnesses are persons with an open heart, authentic and honest; it doesn’t matter if they’re on a spiritual path or not. If you feel the tiniest bit of ambiguity, of untruthfulness in them (even if the lies are not towards you, but towards themselves), you have not made the right choice. The witnesses represent the energies that you will attract in your entourage after the wedding, so make sure you made the right choice.
For them also their participation in the ceremony will bring about changes in life. They will experience unexpected possibilities and opportunities to move closer to their own hearts. They took part in the shower of love and light that emanates from your union and that is bestowed upon you by celestial energies and they shine, like you, with this light and they will sense changes in their energy. They can also prepare themselves to receive some blessings out of gratitude of their presence in this holy ritual.

Without exception, the hearts of every person present will be touched, as you will create a well of love and light, a sort of black hole or spiral of love that will aspire everyone despite of themselves. Don’t be surprised or worried if you notice unusual behaviour from your loved-ones. They can also sense a powerful movement inside of them, that will accompany every one of the guests during the duration of the celebration of your wedding.
However, it’s up to them to decide whether or not they will use this energy and you have to accept this. Every person, dependent on the openness of their hearts, will live a different experience. Some will be floating on a cloud of happiness, others will feel sick (which is not a bad thing, this means that they’re letting go of things or that they’re opening up, in spite of themselves), others will choose to ignore and flee their feelings. Everything is right, it’s their experience.
They can also experience some consequences of this energy in their daily lives (even if the effect will always be lesser than on the people who shared the sacred circle* with you.), if they choose to be conscious of this energy, of certain of their behavioural patterns and if they decide to cultivate this new energy, to cultivate the grains that have been sown during your union. This is your gift to your guests and most of them will sense this “invisible” gift you transfer to them. “

Our choice to get married in a druid ceremony was not an obvious choice to many of our friends and family, because the ritual is not well-known and as usual, what is unknown is feared. In spite of their fear, it’s the love and the consideration they feel for us that motivated them to participate in our celebration. We can say that the various phases of life of Jean-Baptiste and I resulted in a very eclectic guest list: there were atheists and religious people, Flemish, Walloon and French guests, doctors and healers, managers and artists, etc. People who don’t necessarily mingle in everyday life now got along perfectly, as if everyone decided to put aside their preconceived ideas for the weekend which resulted in an incredible fluidity during the whole two days of the celebration.

* A druid wedding ceremony preferably takes place on sacred ground, ours took place in an energy wheel next to a sacred well. The druids prepare this place and trace a circle of light that will receive the couple, the witnesses and the druids for the ceremony.

What’s next

“You’re only at the beginning of your mutual adventure. You have placed a powerful act of love in this reality and you made some commitments towards yourself, towards your loved-one and towards life itself. The universe and the universal forces have heard your promises and have felt your love and will support you in your progress and your path as an individual and as a couple. You’ve received a great protection and you will receive numerous blessings during your life as a couple. However, should you deviate from the road of harmony, mutual respect and love, the universal forces will equally be present to put you on guard. Don’t ever forget who you are and never venture against your being, this would mean a great injustice to yourself, to your beloved and to the universe. Move forward, together and individually, with joy, authenticity, love and gratitude and trace a path of truth and the universe will be there to guide, support and help you every step of the way. Everything you undertake in truth will send an energy of light to the world, to life, to existence, and will be sent back to you, because the love and energy of all that lives, of all that is, is infinite and inexhaustible. 

Blessed you are, gratitude, love and light for your step towards truth, union and love.”