Here’s a list of principles that we agree with, Anaïs and I. Since the 2 and a half years that we canalise messages, Anaïs and me, we’ve abandoned many of our preconceived beliefs. Anaïs had an atheist upbringing and I come from a convinced Catholic family, but for some time now our principles are more in accord with the principles of Daniel Meurois and many others. We are thankful towards the IHS institute for having diffused these principles on their website, which allowed us to get acquainted with them and share them with you. We respect the opinion of those who don’t share the same belief system.

1. We are timeless beings whose essence cannot cease to exist.

2.The essence of who we are, our spirit, is not necessarily human. This essence is an energetic consciousness that can project itself forward into a human body, but that can just as easily manifest in any other of life’s ways of expressing itself.

3.Death doesn’t really exist. Death is nothing but a passage from a compressed vibratory reality into a reality that is more elevated on a vibratory level and so, into another dimension. The vehicle that is used, the body, dies, but it’s essence, or it’s soul keeps on existing, intact.

4.The fundamental quality of our essence is a creative energy that is constantly pushing us to learn, evolve and expand.
5. We incarnate into a limited physical reality. We incarnate into a physical body and a dense reality limited by space and time in order to be confronted with duality and being separate and to allow us to live certain experiences that we would not be able to experience in the more subtle realms of reality.

6. We experience a multitude of incarnations. We experience several subsequent incarnations and parallel existences in other dimensions other than the life we know of today. From the point of view of spirit, linear time as we experience it does not exist and everything happens simultaneously in the same present moment.


7. At the event of our incarnation, we are not conscious of our past lives, nor of our connexion with the afterlife. This “forgetfulness” allows us to live certain experiences in an unbiased way, which would be experienced differently, were we able to recall everything. Partially forgetting also allows us to live more fully, as if it were our first lifetime, without being influenced by our past lifetimes.

8. It is possible to access past life memories or parallel existences. Through hypnosis and other techniques, we can access past life memories, or parallel existences, to gain certain understandings and have some experiences that help us grow internally. During these kinds of sessions, the receiver will only receive information that is useful to him and that can contribute to a greater well-being. The higher consciousness and the guides of the receiver filter the information and only allow access to information that can be of help in a process of personal growth. Other information can be received subconsciously at the same time, to be activated when the receiver is ready to integrate this information.

9. Before incarnating, every being establishes a soul contract with himself. This “contract” is often established in collaboration with Guides or Lightbeings that know the history of the soul in question. This kind of contract usually consists out of general themes to explore during a lifetime which will allow a person to learn certain wisdoms, to develop certain qualities or virtues, to move past certain obstacles or unhealthy habits or to reach certain personal or collective goals. To achieve this some of the events, meetings and obstacles are “programmed” before our incarnation, to offer us opportunities of growth or service. Important: Even if certain situations are programmed, the way we deal with these situations is not programmed. It is therein that lies our free will, our amplitude of choice. For example: our Higher Self can have opted, before incarnating, to experience an illness, but the way we experience this illness, the way our Physical Self will go through this process and what we will learn and understand by going through this experience are not programmed. Are freedom resides in the fact that it is us who give meaning to the events that occur in our lives, we determine their positive, negative or neutral effect on ourselves and we decide which emotions and actions will flow from each event. In short: the Higher Self plans an experience before our incarnation and the Physical Self (who forgot about this programming) is free to interpret and to give the meaning he chooses to any given experience.

10. If a problematic situation keeps coming back in our lives, it means that we still haven’t learned the lesson that was to be learned. Be it in our relationships with others or in our personal or professional lives, when a certain learning process is completed, we will no longer attract the same type of situation in our lives. A therapeutic, transpersonal approach consists in detecting repetitive scenarios and replacing them with new behavioural patterns, new thought patterns and new emotions to accompany the desired change.

11. Before incarnating we make certain choices: body, parents, etc. In accordance to the degree of maturity of our consciousness, we make certain choices about the body we will incarnate, the parents that will facilitate our birth, the family that will educate us and certain friendships that we’ll establish. These choices are made to help each other in the achievement of our mutual soul contracts.

12. We reincarnate often with souls that are part of the same group of souls or the same soul family. A soul can for example have been our mother in a past life and become a friend or our boss in a next life. We interchange roles so we can learn from each others’ experiences.

13. Everything happens for a reason, even if this is not often consciously understood.

14. No challenge that presents itself on our path exceeds our capacity of dealing with it and learn from it. Everything we need to accomplish our lives can be found within ourselves. Sickness, from a spiritual perspective, is not our “enemy”. It can be a signal to show you something is not quite balanced, that there are adaptations to be made on a psychological level (liberation from limiting thought patterns, management of emotions..) or physiological level (a healthier diet, healthier environment, etc…). The illness can be the result of programming before incarnating to stimulate certain comprehensions and help us grow. In all these cases, it can be seen as an opportunity for growth, evolution or self-discovery.

15. There is a moment after our incarnation when we examine the life we lived. There is a moment before incarnation when we establish our soul contract and there is also a moment AFTER incarnation, in the company of what is called by certain souls a “Council of Sages”, when we examine the life we lived. We review all the key moments of our life and the choices we made at each intersection. We determine if we were able to learn or to develop the qualities that we identified beforehand in our Soul Contract. During this evaluation, there is no judgment from the Lightbeings that assist us, we are our own reviewer. During this review, there are moments when we not only relive certain events from our own point of view, but we relive them from the point of view of someone in our entourage. We experience and feel what they felt during our mutual interactions. This process, which can prove to be difficult, is not meant as a means of punishment, but to help every being to grow and understand the consequences of their actions.

16. When we are not incarnated, we find ourselves in a vibratory space that can be called the “in-between”. In this space of consciousness, there are different “places”, an infinite number of dimensions, of vibratory spaces that contain different realities. Depending on the frequency of the soul that “is returning home”, it will find itself in a space of reality that corresponds to it’s evolution. It is possible that 2 friends or acquaintances on earth, having different vibratory levels, will find themselves going to different vibratory places once they’re on the other side of life. There are in-betweens though, vibratory spaces that allow these souls to meet. In the in-between, in between incarnations, there are a multitude of possibilities available to the soul, depending on it’s level of advancement. In the afterlife, for example, there are places for learning, creating, rest, exchange, meetings …

17. The singular events that happen in our lives do not contain, by themselves, any meaning. It’s the meaning that we accord to them that will determine the effect they have on us. This is the essence of our free will.

18.  If we are living on earth, it’s because we have things to experience, to do, to learn, to live… So let’s live fully and consciously.

Revised and validated by Daniel Meurois  –
Thanks to IIHS institute for this text.
Photo Sunrise in Himalayas par Raimond Klavinsuality