I’m lucky enough to be living in a marvellous environment. On small country roads protected by hedges I am finding my path among rolling fiels of an almost unreal fluorescent green, a view only interrupted by the trees that sprout up  like beacons of mystery and wisdom and the sheep that float across the countryside like permanent snowflakes. Not far from the sea, the skies are mostly crisp and clear and in the mornings the countryside is often bathing in a soft cloak of mist that makes this place breathtakingly beautiful. At sunrise and sunset the light show in the sky treats everyone to a play of colours and shapes that is never ceases to amaze. I am in a permanent state of wonder, respect and gratitude before the beauty that surrounds me. Everything is alive, breathing, fertile and I say to myself that it’s no wonder that this place is a hub for so many souls of writers, artists, philosophers. Surrounded by all this fertile energy we get closer to our own divine state of being, our sacred fountain that flows and bubbles up from our inner source, hidden away in our depths. This is the incredibly magical power of beauty.

The further I travel along my path in life, the more I really integrate the importance of beauty as a catalyst of consciousness and as a powerful spiritual tool.
Wonder is an essential ability that allows us to recognise and honour the divine in all things and one of the ways in which the divine chooses to manifest is beauty. I’m referring to the natural beauty that emanates from authenticity, the beauty of the goddess Hathor that acts like a soft balm on the soul. To understand the importance and the power of beauty, we can look at places and situations where beauty is absent: ghettos, industrial environments, post-war scenes. Ugliness is the result of a lack of abundance, consciousness, the result of destructive and chaotic behaviour. Ugliness slows down our access to consciousness because it makes us sad, melancholic, it despairs and lowers our energy, becomes an obstacle to divine flow in our life.
Beauty as a spiritual tool and catalyst of consciousness is a highly feminine tool and as a disciple of the path of the sacred feminine I feel a strong appreciation for people who make the effort of rendering the natural beauty of things visible. Dismissing the importance of beauty is dismissing the value of feminine energy. The beauty of our environment charges us, plugs us into our divine essence, reminds us of the beauty that resides inside ourselves. External beauty is a catalyst of consciousness because it reminds us of the true nature of all divine creations.

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