Why do I feel the need to share what I’ve discovered, what I’ve come to know as truth? Why don’t I just keep my newfound insights and knowledge to myself and continue to go about my business as usual? Why do I feel the need to share with you?

We are born as unconscious beings on this earth, and aside from some exceptions, this means that we don’t remember where we came from, who we are and why we came to this planet. One of the challenges in life is to remember this knowledge and integrate it in our current human form. In my case, and that of my husband, there were many different factors that sparked the emergence of this greater awareness and of remembering. We know that there’s little needed to move towards an expanded awareness: a book you read, a documentary that interrogates you, a person you meet…and we want to create that spark for at least some of you and help make you aware of your options.

Living a life of expanded consciousness is a choice, but to be able to make this choice, you have to know it exists. Some people “accidentally” discover a new way of thinking and seeing: They have an unexpected spiritual awakening, they have a near death experience or they experience a positive or a negative shock that jolts them awake. Others open up gradually: they learn a piece of information one day that questions them, they go looking for answers and little by little, they compose a new truth, a new way of seeing the world.

We chose to contribute to the conversation because we realise that not that many people out there are showing you that you have a choice, not in comparison to the many loud voices that are meant to limit your consciousness and make you believe that freedom is not an option for you. Many of the voices of reason have been silenced: the peoples and cultures that carried ancient wisdom of remembering of who we are, what we are capable of and how we connect to every other part of existence, have successfully been eradicated. We all know of the native Americans, of the Aboriginals, of multiple African tribes etc. whose peoples were murdered and whose mouths were silenced. This is still happening today with the most recent example being the slaughter of Yezidi people in Irak.

Once you’re made aware of your options, you have a choice: do I stay in the “forgetfulness” (this is a real option) or do I evolve towards expanded consciousness? Your free will is a very important element of your existence for every choice has consequences. If you choose to expand your consciousness there’s no real going back (like taking the red pill in the matrix), you cannot ever go back to not knowing and there are certain responsibilities that come with this knowledge: you know (and feel) the consequences of your actions.

I chose to speak out because our world is in an unprecedented crisis and if there are solutions to be found and implemented: now is the time. I’m convinced that no solace can come from old ways of thinking and handling things. Solutions and new possibilities can only come from conscious people that are independent and that are able to see interdisciplinary connections. It’s people who have have reached an expanded consciousness that will be able to come up with solutions that are unconceivable to people that are looking to what already exists and what is already known. 

I chose to speak out as well because I know that the vast majority of people are well intended. I see this every day, when people are blind to the amount of manipulation and injustice that is going on around them and directly under their noses because this level of manipulation is just inconceivable to them. Unfortunately, this blindness is keeping the same people from aspiring to a different life, because anything better is inconceivable to them. What we’re living today is far worse than anything most people can imagine, but also, what is possible is far more beautiful and incredible than most people can imagine. I do not feel it is my mission to blow the whistle on the different people and instances that are manipulating you and the different ways your mind is being influenced and altered, there are other people that are doing a great job at that. I’m here to show you what is possible and what you are capable of, so you can expand your horizon of possibilities and learn to see what is real and what isn’t. I find you are perfectly capable of finding out what is really happening in the world yourself. At a certain point your degree of knowledge is a choice and most of the information you need is out there for you to access it whenever you want to.

The more people open up to their natural state of consciousness, the more our society can evolve. The more people go back to knowing who they are and what they are capable of, the more we will be able to use this knowledge to innovate and invent things that will actually help make this world more beautiful and that will be used to the benefit of all human beings instead of doing the opposite and using our inventions, our institutions and our rules against ourselves and against everything else that shares this planet with us.
The road of expanded consciousness is one of experimentation and of adventure that can only really be successful by venturing out of your confort zone. No-one can actually “teach” you how to expand your consciousness, they can only assist you in remembering what you once knew, the bulk of the work is to be done by yourself. Though this awareness may carry certain responsibilities and a confrontation with some harsh truths, it certainly carries many gifts and opens you up to many wonderful experiences.

This is what I feel is my responsibility: Share with you what my experiences are and make a different kind of information available to you. Whether you choose to access it and use it is entirely in your hands.