The intention with which we do something is more important than the action in itself. It’s our intention that will determine the result and that can guide us when we decide to undertake an action or not. 

This way, a very common act can become an act of love. If we do something with love, we don’t even hesitate. We just do it and we get pleasure from doing it. For example: we don’t ask ourselves whether yes or no we are going to feed our baby, we do it without thinking. And yet, this is an act of love.

And an act of love can easily lose all meaning if we do it for the wrong reasons. For example: Charity can be an act of love, unless we do it to diminish our guilt, then it becomes a selfish act.

This is another key that shows us our true intentions: which is more important to us? The fact of doing it or the end result? Too much emphasis on the end result means that we are expecting something in return for ourselves.