Throwback to 2017

How did 2017 go for you? When I ask this question many people reply: filled with trials, initiatory, difficult, testing… 2017 was a bit of a rollercoaster testing your resilience, with very high highs and very low lows. This is coherent with the energy of last year, as we just experienced a number 1 year, which means that we initiated a new cycle, meaning the year 2017 was a year of initiations and experiences that exist to help us grow. Last year represented a summary of the 9 previous years to help you identify the areas of your life where you evolved and the areas that ask for some extra care and attention and at the same time it was a year of novelty: unexpected opportunities came your way, you integrated new wisdom and understanding, still unexplored parts of the world caught your attention, you started seeing things in a new light, etc.

All of this made 2017 into a year that was rich in experience with many things going on at the same time. Last year’s dynamic was all about barring the road to the past, pushing you out of your comfort zone and motivating you to let go of what no longer suited you to clear the space for new experiences. The old way of doing things, your old environment, the old structures and organisations burst open to make way for the budding energy of 2018.

The energy of 2018

In 2018 things will be different, you will no longer do things like you did them before, you will do them with more wisdom, you see the world in a different light. The dynamic of this year is more fluid, lighter and it is a year brimming with opportunity if we are capable of understanding its energy and surf its waves.

Here are some key concepts to help you align with the energy of 2018:


We are entering a number 2 year, an energy that invites in new encounters, collaboration, exchange. For you to attract the right people who will support your path, you need to be very clear about who you are, the values you represent and the path you have chosen. This year life asks of you to assume your place in life, to identify and communicate your essence and what you have to offer with clarity, to claim ownership of your talents and your worth. If you don’t, other people will decide on a label for you and it will probably not suit you.
On the subject of collaborations and relationships: it’s important to refrain from entering into any kind of situation, collaboration or engagement that you don’t trust 100% or that doesn’t honour your true self.


Positioning means making choices. The energy of duality of the number 2 announces important choices to make. Life asks of you to choose between darkness and light, to listen to your inner guidance and divine presence and not compromise your values. It will be of great importance, during the next 12 months, to systematically choose the option or the solution that brings harmony. This year’s energy is all about building bridges: between different practices, different people, different fields of knowledge, different backgrounds, different cultures, different genders. Will you choose what’s easy or what’s pure, fight or make peace, control or surrender?


The year 2018 also carries the energy of the number 11, which means that you have the opportunity to elevate yourself and access new heights in your soul’s journey. You are entering into a cycle that will bring you closer to mastering your life and becoming an incarnated master. You are asked to embody your full power this year and with this power comes great responsibility and the way in which you channel and manage this power will determine for a large part the success of your year. Life is urging you to listen to your inner guidance and make room for your divine presence. This means that you use the talents and gifts that life bestowed upon you wisely, in harmony with your higher self and for the highest good of all.


All of last year’s challenges have guided you to this last point, the final key word of 2018: renewal. A breath of fresh air is entering your life and you sufficiently removed your obstacles to open yourself to divine inspiration and let yourself be guided by your soul in everything you decide to do. This year, you are asked to bring new energy, to innovate, to open the doors to new ways of living, thinking and acting. You will do things in your own highly unique and inimitable way and let your creativity flow freely. Copying other people makes no sense, because you will only be able to take advantage of the energy of abundance by being original, by expressing the unique and precious gifts you have to offer.

Regular spiritual practice and efficient planning will be essential during this effervescent year that is brimming with opportunities, and in which it is important to stay focussed and carefully manage your energy input and output.

Cover photo by Alejandro Alvarez

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