One night Confucius dreamed he was taken to see the damned who were suffering in hell. You can imagine his surprise when he discovered hell was an enormous banquet room and that the damned were sitting at a table that creeked under the weight of the delicious dishes that were present in abundance. They could eat everything they liked, with one restriction, they had to use chopsticks. Their chopsticks were 1,50 metres long. The damned were suffering from hunger and they knew they would spend eternity like this, staring at the food without ever figuring out a solution to the chopstick-problem. This suffering was their punishment.

Just after this Confucius was taken to paradise. He was even more surprised to discover paradise was an exact replica of the room he saw in hell, the only difference was that the guests were glowing with happiness and delight. Even though they as well had to respect the same rule: they could only eat with chopsticks of 1,5 metres long. The big difference with the room of the damned was that they were feeding each other. 

Photo by Jay Ma on Unsplash

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