The paths of the feminine and the masculine are different, they are equal, but express themselves in a different form. They take different itineraries to reach the same destination. Over the course of history, the idea was created that in order to achieve our goals, we necessarily needed to adhere to the masculine way. To succeed in life, many women and men for whom the masculine way wasn’t really suited, forced themselves to adopt a highly masculine way of living and functioning.
Today we are rediscovering the feminine way, we are starting to give weight to the way of the goddess again, realising that we need both energies in life. The feminine path is a more hidden path, because it is more subtle and less obvious to see. The masculine path is more visible as it translates into action, it is a more technical and methodical way than that of the feminine. If we decide to journey down the masculine path, we will use power to deconstruct our barriers, we are put under pressure to bring the pockets of impurity that are contained within our sacred crystal to the surface, as if we were put into a pressure cooker.

The path of the feminine is a less less visible path, because it does not require us to do anything in particular, it just requires us to abandon ourselves, to let go of all control, to drop the arms and to trust the divine entirely and unconditionnally by letting ourselves be carried along on the flow of life. This is also why the feminine path is the path less travelled, we are beings who like to do, we need challenges and evidence to be able to trust our feelings, our intuition. Even though the feminine path may seem like a softer path, for many people it proves to be more difficult, because it asks of us to navigate the waters without any point of reference. It’s a path that can be found in the being, not in the doing, in energy, not in matter. It requires a constant commitment and vigilance, compared to the male path that evolves in bursts of energy, spikes of intensity interspersed with moments of inactivity, the feminine path is constantly undulating towards self-realisation, a cosmic snake in perpetual movement.

In reality, we need both. We need women who embody feminine energy, while expressing their masculine energy as well and men who embody male energy, while creating space for the expression of their feminine energy as well. To stay in the flow of life, we need both. The masculine energy is the one that draws the bowstring, the feminine energy releases the bowstring, trusting that the arrow will hit its mark. It’s only when we are able to combine the two energies that our arrow can find its purpose, that our actions can be directed by our divine consciousness and that we really can start to contribute something of value on this planet.

Photo by Diego Duarte

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