Spiritual awakening in the era of Aquarius, can’t happen without initiation into the ways of the sacred feminine. For like the human self that is birthed through the feminine birth canal, so is the spiritual self birthed through the canal of the goddess. Without this initiation our acquired spiritual wisdom remains just more knowledge, valuable in itself, but lacking the embodiment of the higher self that comes from our spiritual birth through the goddess.

Men are initiated into the ways of the goddess by bowing down to the altar of sophia and offering her their sword (which is the exact symbology of knighthood). Not in an act of subjugation or disempowerment, but in an act of humility and devotion to the source of all life. By this act, the man takes an oath to dedicate his life to restoring balance and shows that he wishes to transcend his human ego.

Often men are cut off from the goddess when they have been raised in the absence of the feminine (physical, emotional or spiritual absence) or by an overly masculine and emasculating mother, which results in a deep loneliness, feelings of fearfulness, hostility and mistrust towards the feminine in her power.
Men that have been initiated into the ways of goddess (consciously through spiritual practice or subconsciously through life, through their upbringing) respect and support women in their strength and won’t hesitate to be the shield when the woman needs to wield the sword. It takes a man familiar with the ways of the goddess to stand by a woman in her strength.

While men are born with the energy of the sword and their challenge is not to limit themselves to this and open themselves to the energy of the chalice; women receive theirs by fully accepting the energy of the chalice within and starting to create from this chalice. It is only when a woman fully allows the goddess to come through her that she receives the energy of the sword and is able to step into her full power.

The constellation of aquarius shows us the way of unity of the chalice and the sword. Aquarius is the cupbearer holding the overflowing cup or pouring forth the waters of Source from the sacred chalice. It is the masculine that gives our energy direction and that allows to physically manifest in the material world and the inspiration for our creations comes from a feminine matrix (the chalice). The feminine is the infinite potential, the masculine is the intention that directs our actions. It is by accessing the divine feminine and using the divine masculine to materially manifest that our creations will no longer be limited by the mind and ego and we will be able to move beyond chaos.

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