What is the Awen? This mysterious and mystical force or presence that lies at the heart of druidry?

Understanding what the Awen is and what it encompasses lies at the heart of every druids quest. It is commonly interpreted as “divine inspiration”, the breath of life or holy spirit that moves through the whole of existence and creates movement and flow. The Awen is a muse, it is the divine inspiration that comes to us unexpectedly or in moments of grace and deep communion with the self, the information and presence that lies beyond the mind, beyond what we can tap into with our five senses. It is the essence of all that is, contained in every element of existence, the element that connects all others together. It is the innate wisdom of the universe, which we access when we have found our way back to the divine and we surrender to what is, instead of trying to create what is not.

The above symbol represents the Awen and can be seen as a symbolic interpretation of the holy trinity: a masculine element, a feminine element and the child that originates from the union; or the divine feminine, the divine masculine and the holy spirit that moves through both and makes everything come alive. A third interpretation could be the past, the present and the future, symbolising the fact that the truth lies beyond time and space.
The symbol also represents different paths that lead to the same source and that originate from this same source. It represents the path of the druid or the spiritual seeker that can be shaped in many different ways but that will always lead back to the same point of origin. Vocabulary, rituals and customs might change, but the underlying truth never does. A good illustration of this is the name that we received through divine inspiration for the first step in our journey and that we used to communicate our activities for several years: “Pravaha”. Turns out that Pravaha is the Sanskrit version of the Awen: a divine presence and spirit, divine flow, movement. Everything always leads back to the same source…

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