Surrender is unjustly seen as an act of cowardliness, many people think surrender is synonymous with giving up, but surrender is a very different notion than capitulation. Giving up implies a sacrifice: sacrifice of one’s dreams, of a project, of a chosen path, of a relationship, etc. Sacrifice is restricting, it implies not allowing yourself to bring something to a good conclusion, it implies defeat and not being 100% free to do as you wish. Sacrifice is born out of a sense of necessity and urgence, something is imposed upon us (or we impose something upon ourselves) and we sacrifice ourselves or part of our path, being, or trajectory to preserve or protect something else, there is a clear intention and objective behind the notion of sacrifice which is motivated by fear. Giving up is an involuntary action, it is something we don’t really want to do.

Surrender means ceasing the fight of our own accord, it’s accepting the flow of life as it is presented to us, letting ourselves be carried by the movement of life out of our own free will. Surrender means clearing space to let our divine selves come in without needing to direct or control this part of ourselves with our ego, it is diving deep and taking the leap without knowing where we will land, without needing to plan ahead. Surrender means having absolute faith in life, in the divine and in ourselves, surrender is motivated by courage and confidence.

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