Anna: The Ancestor

Anna is the tribal woman who listens and talks to mother earth as a sister. She recognises pachamama’s voice in the change of the seasons, the singing of the birds, the humming of the earth, the waves of the ocean, … She is the shaman who communicates with animals, with the elements, who travels beyond space and time and who synchronised the beating of her own heart with the rhythm of the earth. She is the wild woman whose breath is as powerful as the wind, whose bones are as dense as the minerals buried within the many layers of earth and whose blood flows like the rivers and oceans of this planet. She is the wise woman who carries within her cells, and hides within her voids, the history of this planet, the secrets of ancient civilisations, the memory of the birth of oceans and mountains.

Isis: The Sacred Consort

Isis is the sacred lover and wife who is honoured by her partner and lover and who honours him in return. She continually discovers new depths within herself through the joyful discovery of her lover. She is sensual and confident and when she is fully connected to her creative force ethereal flowers grow where she walks and her presence fills the air with exquisite perfumes. She gives abundantly and receives without holding back, by sharing her experience with a partner that mirrors her essence back to her, her understanding and knowing of self deepens. She recognises her equal in the other and invites him to participate in a sacred dance that makes walls crumble and borders dissolve that leads to places beyond duality as their two beings spiral together into one sacred unit like two strands of DNA that dance opposite of each other, constantly building bridges between them.

Hathor: The Maiden

Hathor is the ageless woman, the eternally young maiden with the soul of a wise woman. She is a woman whose spirit is always alive and full of fire, whose sense of adventure and discovery never dies out. She never loses the innocence she is born with and never ceases to marvel at the beauty and splendour that exists in this world, as if she were always seeing everything for the first time. She is a woman whose laughter warms hearts and homes and whose kindness is a balm to the wounds of those that suffer. Her imagination is alive and fertile and flutters freely like colourful butterflies, always contributing to a world of harmony and beauty. She is the promise of spring, the eternal flame of hope.

Green Tara: Warrior of Light

Green Tara guards the emerald gates of the sacred temple of the heart where she seats on her throne. She has the heart of a lioness, confidently and fearlessly assuming her divine destiny and completing her sacred mission. She knows where she is heading, she navigates her course with ease and determination, there is nothing or no-one that can make her deviate from her chosen trajectory. Her warrior-soul helps her overcome all obstacles and see through all deceptions and deceit. She does not use her sacred arms to attack or destroy, but to defend that which is sacred. She is the principle of dynamic action, not awaiting the turn of destiny, but actively aiding the birth of a just world. She is the shepherd, the queen that lights the way, the guiding light that leads others across the swamplands of chaos and illusion towards an oasis of peace.

Maat: The Mistress of Justice

Maat is the voice of reason, she is the spirit of temperance permanently vigilant to maintain divine balance by upholding the sacred laws of the universe. She naturally commands respect through the clarity and purity of her words that flow freely and softly like a mountain stream. She is the lady of justice, the keeper of the scales. Conscious of her power, she speaks with attention and care and her actions are measured. Her life is a ritual, a testament to her honourable and kind nature. She is the guardian of the cycles of life, rising and falling as ocean currents, waxing and waning as the moon, emerging and fading like the seasons. She gives as she receives, sustaining the natural flow of life.

Morgane: The Priestess

Morgane is the initiate of the mysteries of life, the prophetess whose gaze pierces far into the past and into the future and whose vision easily distinguishes truth from falsehood. She is deep and profound as the night sky, infinitely vast in her wisdom. Inside of her great power resides and ancient forces stir. Her spells dissipate the veils that separate different realms and dimensions and she travels with a magical spinning wheel that she uses to weave different realities together and create new possibilities. She is both the keeper and the creator of the web of life, guardian of the matrix. She is a seeker of knowledge, the heir of powerful rites and rituals that generations of priestesses used before her and she dedicates her journey to passing on her own wisdom of the sacred arts, such as magic and the art of healing, to those she deems worthy.

Kuan Yin: The Goddess in the Lotus

Kuan yin is the divine lady that becomes a goddess. She has moved beyond the ego and the human persona and acts from a soul perspective. Her crystalline energy springs directly from the source of all existence, she is the bridge crossing every distance or void that separates from divine consciousness. She is pure divine feminine energy, void of any obstacles or shadows that could obscure her light.

She’s a woman fully reconnected to her goddess-state, representing and expressing the divine in every single one of her actions, which makes all of her creations sacred. She is elevation, like the lotus she is exquisite and pure in every circumstance. Untainted she rises above all hardship for she is light as air, untouched by the burdens of life she maintains perfect harmony. She is a jewel beyond space and time, like a pearl that has been shaped patiently and attentively during many centuries and across many incarnations, or a diamond that endured millennia of pressure and transformation to filter out all impurities. She is completion and perfection, she is the full circle, divine essence. Like a rainbow prism she is white light that can take on any shape or colour, she is divine consciousness that fully masters its destiny.

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