The spiritual path can only be born of a critical spirit: a spirit that accepts to abandon all pre-conceived ideas and is open to welcoming new ones. Spiritual people have an observant mind, the capacity to evaluate their own thoughts, actions and words and differentiate between what serves their soul and what is counterproductive. They seek to understand the reason behind the events that take place in their lives and grasp the underlying mechanism of life. They want to learn from their mistakes which allows them to see each event as an opportunity for growth. A spiritual path is a learning process to differentiate between our thoughts, our actions and our essence. Spiritual awakening stimulates us to be free-thinkers and to chart our own path instead of blindly following the opinions and ideas of others.

It is a path of humility that teaches us we are part of a larger whole. It brings us great inner peace since we understand that sharing our tune and shining our colour is enough to contribute to the harmony of the symphony of the world and the universe. We receive a glimpse of the dance of life and the stars, a tip of the veil is lifted. Enough to understand that life is much vaster and more beautiful than what we could possibly understand or imagine with our mind. To understand we have to see with the eyes of the heart. It is when the heart begins to blossom that we can start to perceive the divine in every thing and every person.

The spiritual path is a quest for truth that opens our eyes to reality as it is, but at the same time cultivates the faith that we can alter that reality at every moment. We shift from a victim attitude to positioning ourselves as creators of our reality, which means assuming the full responsibility of our lives.
A true spiritual path gives us hope that things can change for the better: we realize that all truth but exists in the present moment and can therefore be reinvented at every instant. The blossoming of the heart is eventually finds its way into the mind, making it blossom in turn, allowing it to dream again and imagine a world of harmony, beauty and abundance.

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