What is spiritual awakening?

In one word: FEELING. Our awakening happens through an awakening of our emotions, our feelings. A spiritual awakening begins with an awakening of our senses. You could say we just re-integrate our natural ability to feel. Even if this can make us feel like our senses are becoming super-senses. Our sense of smell gets more refined, our sight gets more precise, our ears become more sensitive to sound and noise. In the beginning we will experience this reactivation of our senses as hyper-sensitivity, which also means that too many stimuli will make us feel exhausted.

A spiritual awakening is the deconstruction of the shell we so carefully forged over the years and that prevented us from feeling much, that allowed us to continue to live in circumstances that are unsuited for us, as if we were wearing a space suit allowing us to breathe and survive in an otherwise toxic environment.
Sometimes, the shell explodes suddenly and our awakening is more abrupt and painful, sometimes this happens gradually. It all depends on our capacity to let go of old habits and our degree of resistance. The more resistance we have, the more painful the process will become. The more we cut ourselves off from our emotions and feelings, the more painful our awakening will be.

Finally, what started as an awakening of the senses, will evolve into an incapacity to build walls between different parts of our lives, an inability to put different parts of existence into different boxes. It is living with the consciousness that everything is connected.
Awakening is all about coherence and being unable to play a role. Because pretending, going against our principles and beliefs, ignoring our feelings and intuition, becomes too painful psychologically and physically.

Spiritual awakening is a movement that pushes us to make real changes in our life, like a primordial scream of the soul that echoes into every part of our being and existence.

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