A new item is being added to the Pravaha.be website dedicated to the inspiring people we’ll meet, or have already met, during our travels around the world.  

Who are they ?

These inspirational people are “ordinary” people that do extra-ordinary things. Their actions are coherent with who they are. They are authentic. They are beyond prejudice, fear, etc. They took the necessary steps in life. They are aligned with their essence, connected to their intuition, even if they don’t necessarily call it like that. They inspire other people, often unintentionally. 

They had the courage to break out of the box and fully live their own journey. They bring happiness to others even if they also face difficulties from time to time. They are human. They have a sense of humour and they don’t take life to seriously. 

We can see the extraordinary in many things: people that create beautiful works of art, people that radiate joy and well-being, people that communicate and teach, people that share their passion, people that help others, etc….

There are no rules, the only condition is to be respectful towards yourself. Respecting yourself starts with respecting nature’s laws or divine law, according to your own belief system. 

I am conscious of the fact that if I’m able to see beauty outside myself, I’m able to see the same beauty inside myself as well. I reactivate a sense of wonder in myself, like the one I had naturally as a child. 

They are sparks that (re)ignite a sense of wonder in the people they meet. 

The extra-ordinary of today might be the ordinary of the future. It’s essential to stay connected to our sense of wonder. The world will be the better for it, or this is how I see it anyway. We are all inspiring beings. We all have this capacity inside ourselves. 

Why this item ?

I often meet these inspiring people and most of the time they are unknown. I’d like to introduce them to you in my own way. In the media they often talk about politicians that look after themselves before looking after the people, of serial killers, of business owners that earn millions for firing thousands of people and so on… We are constantly fed this kind of example. People hate them, but at the same time, they don’t really have alternative examples. Those people in the media are anti-heroes and what we need today are inspirational examples. 

There are incredible people that are able to touch others deeply, with their joy of living, or with the beauty of their hearts. We often go looking for them at the other side of the world because we think that if they live in an ashram in India, they must be pure and they will help us awaken. Or we go looking for them among the Shamans of the Amazonian rainforest.
What if I told you that they are right there next to you. We don’t always recognise a treasure when it’s staring us in the eye, or even when it’s inside of us. It’s not exotic enough. We need to go looking far, we need to leave our sense of reality. Also because we’ve created this image of the spiritual master, of the awakened soul that is always meditating in orange or white robes or that wears feathers on his head. I’m not saying these people, or their spiritual practice, aren’t admirable. There are some really inspiring monks or shamans.
But why can’t we imagine that an inspiring person can come from a polluted western culture that is deviated by corporate media? Often they look very normal to us, and yet! I met many of them, in Europe and all over the world. And it’s about them that I’d like to inform you.

Why do I feel the need to talk about these individuals ?

It’s coherent with my path in life. During many years I was active in several artistic associations with a mission to promote artists that I felt had a talent to share with the world in different domains: cinema, theatre, photography, arts… My goal was to introduce them by organising original events, to create bridges between them, co-creations that created artistic sparks…

Then, with the Bio-Alignement method, I offered people the possibility to re-align themselves, literally and energetically. Sometimes the change was miraculous. 

By doing soul-readings, I continue on the same path, by using my intuitive capacities I allow myself to reveal people’s special talents. 

How will I go about this ?

I will dedicate a blog article to these individuals and ask them some simple questions: 

  • Tell me about yourself! Who are you ? What did your journey look like until now ? 
  • What motivates you, what makes you get out of bed in the morning? 
  • Which were the key moments in your life, which realisations changed the course of your life?
  • Which were some of the obstacles you were able to remove, the fears or the prejudices you left behind to be able to live what you’re living at the moment? 
  • What would you like to remembered for? 

I will also ask them to give me 1 to 3 quotations that they like and tell me which people inspired them and why? 

And I will also share, with their permission, how I feel about them. What is it that inspires me about this person? Sometimes, humility prevents them from seeing their true value. By connecting to their energy I will do my best to describe their inner beauty and who they are in essence.

I wish you many wonderful discoveries !