Since a couple of years now, magic has found its way back into our lives and into our consciousness through literature and movies. The revival of magic makes us marvel, we find it exciting, our inner magician is jubilating. However, alongside the emergence of a new vocabulary filled with potions, spells, rituals and magical creatures and magic schools that pop up everywhere, a very profound collective fear emerges as well. We’re eager to learn more about magic, to let our extra-sensory capacities blossom and develop our intuitive capacities, but at the same time, it really scares us…

Where does this fear come from? This fear has been programmed and anchored in our subconscious after centuries of religious and institutional programming. We carry the belief, consciously or subconsciously, that practicing magic equals associating with the devil or other dark forces of evil, that it is not natural, that it puts us in situations where we no longer master what happens to us, we no longer determine the kinds of energies that we attract. Magic is not for us, we don’t have the ability nor are we responsible enough to deal with it correctly. Better we steer clear from magic, just like we wouldn’t allow a child to play with fire.

In addition to that, we all carry the memories of the persecution of magic in our collective. Witch hunts, the persecution of the Cathars, the genocide of the knights Templar or the massacre of the druids have left dark and deep scars which only exacerbate our fears. To summarise, for a very long time each person that has attempted to seize back his/her personal power and develop their magical abilities has been systematically persecuted, murdered, locked away by religious or governmental powers.

For these reasons, magic is still very much taboo: mediumship, energy healing, telepathy, clairvoyance, to name just a few of the disciplines that belong to the realm of magical abilities. Even if we believe in magic, or practice it, we talk about it timidly or half jokingly, or amongst initiates. We don’t publicly admit that magic is normal for us and that it’s part of our daily lives.

Where there is smoke, there is fire

Yes, true, but in this case we’re not referring to the burning pits of hell. Let’s take a closer look at religion’s main reason for dismissing magic (any religion): magic is evil and it needs to be avoided at any cost. This seems paradoxical, considering the fact that the majority of prophets, saints or even certain apostles of the primary religions all performed acts of magic. They were known to perform miracles through acts of magic such as healing people, creating matter from energy, astral projection, communicating with animals, clairvoyance, mediumship through visions and revelations, etc. If they’re supposed to serve us as example, then why demonise the actions that identified them and that allowed them to help human kind and have a positive impact on the world?

The demonisation of magic does not originate with the saints or prophets themselves, it comes from high officials of the religious institutions, whose beliefs and opinions are at times entirely opposed to the philosophy or teachings that are supposed to be at the root of these institutions. Systematically, they have been driving a wedge between people and their personal power, making them believe that the saints were capable of things that are beyond the abilities of mere mortals, they have been driving a wedge between people and the divine and making them weak and docile as a consequence. (indeed, a large part of the holy men and women have been persecuted and rejected themselves by religious powers before being sanctified). Why? To be able to control and subjugate people and take advantage of the financial and societal benefits of being in a position of power.

There is indeed a fire behind the smoke screen created on the subject of magic, our inner fire, the fire of our personal power, of our strength. Our divine spark that went out by giving our power to other people.

Human beings are naturally magical, whether they want to be or not. We create our reality with our thoughts, our presence, our consciousness, the energy we give out. Our state of being directly determines our experience of reality, and even beyond, for we equally influence the reality of all the people around us and of all the people that share this planet with us. When we think badly of someone, for example, we commit a small act of black magic, consciously or not. Black magic simply means negatively influencing or impacting the reality or the state of being of another human being, consciously or subconsciously.

When we think good thoughts about someone, when we think about them with tenderness and love, when we support them in our thoughts, we perform small acts of white magic. The more conscious we are about our state of being, our emotions, our life, our energy, the more conscious we become, the more active and influential we become in the creation of reality in general. The less we assume responsibility for our lives, our energy and our emotional and energetic state, the more we will undergo reality and other people’s energy, the more we will feel like victims of reality and the less natural we become.

If we’re avoiding magic, or anything that goes on beyond the realm of the strictly visible or beyond what we can perceive with our 5 first senses, out of fear of doing harm or wrongly influencing other people, then we are greatly mistaken. We live in a reality where we are all interconnected and we already influence each other, at each and every moment of our existence, just like we’re already co-creating the reality we live in. Not taking an interest in our magical abilities and not taking the effort to develop them, makes us dependant upon the decisions and the energetic framework, or the matrix of our reality, that is created by other people and this is highly irresponsible. We are not doing anyone a favour, least of all ourselves, by refusing to step into our power. Even worse, we are leaving the domain of magic up for grabs. The consequence being that some people choose to use their knowledge on subjects that have been condemned to secrecy, to influence others in a deliberate way to their own advantage.

Magic is naturally part of us, it is naturally present in each one of us and it is up to us to master our energy and our potential to put it to good use and contribute to the greater good.

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