Connection to the sacred feminine

A ritual to recognise and honour the feminine energy and power in ourselves and in the world. Not so we can “finally” enter a female era, but so the women of this world can take up their rightful place next to the men of this world and not above or below them. So we can work together to create a harmonious world, instead of working against each other in an atmosphere of competitiveness.

This ritual will be an update of the mind. It will synchronise our mental comprehensions with the energy that is already present in our universe.
The current inequality between men and women solely exists because of false beliefs that perpetuate in this world, because of mental errors and the behaviour that results from these mistakes of the mind. To adapt our reality it is sufficient to update our mind and to let go of false beliefs.

We could ask ourselves: “Does this mean our mind is an error of creation?” NO. It exists to allow us to interpret reality.
One of the goals of life is to adjust our mind to reality: Reality like it is and not reality like we think it is or like we’d want it to be. If the cause of all the inequalities in the world is in the mind, the solution can be found there as well. We need to understand with our mind what already exists in energy and integrate this reality, adapt our idea of the truth. The contrary is true as well, knowing something in the mind but not having integrated this truth in every part of your being, not applying this knowledge in everyday life, is useless. It is meaningless to try to ignore or bypass the mind, we need to involve the mind in the process of our evolution of consciousness. 

In reality the 2 different energies (masculine & feminine) are part of the same source energy and one can not exist without the other. The fact that in our world one always takes on more or less importance than the other is the result of illusions of the human mind. The existence of these illusions doesn’t change anything about the fact that these 2 energies are just 2 opposite poles of the same essence, of the same energy. It are two different ways in which life expresses itself. These 2 poles allow us to aim for balance and provide every part of existence with it’s own mirror image.

Osiris is the mirror of Isis, Marie-Magdalene is the mirror of Jesus, the moon is the mirror of the sun. This has always been true and it will always be true. Without this collaboration, without this balance, life would simply not exist. The 2 energies help each other to evolve, the 2 energies are different dynamics of life and at the same time they are one and the same. All that we need to do is to see and accept this fact, this universal truth.

In reality we don’t even need to harmonise masculine and feminine energies because this harmony is already naturally there, otherwise we wouldn’t be alive. It’s enough to recognise this truth with our mind. Our heart already knows.

The ritual

The ritual will take place on the 22nd of July at 8PM (local time). If you’d like to participate, joint the event on the facebook page so we can make the connection before we start the ritual. This ritual will be slightly different from the previous ones because the first part consists out of a guided meditation (as usual) and the second part will be a message (canalisation). The ritual will be organised in collaboration with Vanessa Rinck – Être une femme libre .

We are finalising the ritual as we speak and the complete version will be put online shortly.