The first harmonisation ritual of the Pravaha voyage will take place on Isla del sol, in Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, at the Bolivian end of the lake.
As we explained during our interview with Lindaly, we left on a journey across the world to perform energy healing on different strategic places on this earth and we will invite you to take part in these rituals from time to time (what we heal on the outside, also gets healed on the inside).
This journey has not been undertaken in a premeditated fashion and so we do not know in advance where we’ll go. It’s our intuition that guides us and the messages we receive from the earth that indicate the direction.

Without knowing why, life guided us towards Bolivia and here we are, at Copacabana, at the edges of lake Titicaca, home of Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna, and seen as the birthplace of Inca culture (more on the subject in a complementary article).
Lake Titicaca is seen as the second chakra of the earth, the sacred chakra (water element), chakra of sexuality, birth and the place where existence, or the initial force that is called life, separates into masculine and feminine.
These 2 poles of existence are supposed to live together in harmony, but if we take one look at the world today, we quickly realize that this is no longer the case.

These 2 poles are present in the lake: Isla de la Luna is the feminine pole and you can feel the feminine energy of the island which translates into a soft energy and a fertile, humid terrain (and the presence of thousands of white and yellow butterflies adding to it’s magic). The lake has literally been cut in 2: One part “belongs” to Bolivia and the other to Peru. I will leave you to imagine what this state of affairs does to the harmony between the 2 poles on this earth…


P1100412Ritual for rebirth

Here’s what the rebirth ritual will facilitate for you:

  • Letting go of false beliefs: Easter is an excellent moment to break through and clean any false beliefs as the date represents one of our most ingrained false beliefs: Life is suffering. The message of Christ’s crucifixion was not a message of suffering, the message has been falsely interpreted: life is eternal and there is always rebirth. The symbolism of the egg is appropriate for Easter as it symbolises the seed of new life.
  •  Unification of masculine and feminine poles: This ritual will allow you to recognise and harmonise the 2 poles (masculine & feminine) in yourself, to allow you to continue in a balanced way, so that all your future choices will be springing form a place of harmony.
  •  Rebirth: The sacred chakra is the energy center of sexual pleasure and a good health of this chakra will also allow you to live your passions, your desires and to fully enjoy every moment of life. By taking part in this ritual, you will create the space for your rebirth and you send a powerful intention to live a life where you are free of restrictions and free to live what you desire to experience. 

P1100432What you’re participation will help catalyse for Pachamama (mother earth):

  •  Letting go of false beliefs: This place is perfect for letting go of false beliefs, because lake Titicaca, as other places that are linked to Inca culture, is unwillingly at the origin of the belief that Inca culture was the first highly advanced culture in this region… By liberating the energy of various places, you will also help reconstruct the real history of these places and you will help liberate the knowledge and wisdom these places contain. 
  •  Unification: You will help unify the lake (at least on an energy level) and dissolve the border that cuts the lake in half. The border can be seen as an illusion as well, created by the minds of men. You will help create the possibility for harmony between masculine (solar) and feminine (lunar) energy on earth. 
  • Rebirth: This ritual came into being after an impulse of the earth: she wants to go back to unity and be reborn into her natural state: abundance and fluidity. By liberating the energy of multiple key energy points on the earth, we can accompany the earth in retrieving her optimal health. 

Your participation

Important:  If you’d like to participate, please don’t forget to subscribe to the facebook event, as your name will allow us to connect to you to the place and it allows us to create an energetic field that links everyone together and that links everyone to the lake.
Don’t participate if you don’t feel like this ritual is in accord with you and if you don’t feel ready to experience what has been described above. These rituals always liberate a lot of energy!


The ritualP1100436


  • Prepare 2 objects, one that represents the moon and another that represents the sun (you can literally draw a sun and a moon, or you can take an object in silver and another in gold, or a fire element and a water element…)
  • Trace a circle with natural materials: flowers, plants, leafs, stones…. This circle will represent the earth and you will sit inside of it during the ritual..
  • Prepare 2 sheets of paper to write or draw, some drawing material… 

The Meditation

You are sitting in the middle of the circle you traced with your 2 objects that represent the earth and the moon close to you. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Little by little, with each breath, you will feel your body relax. Feel how, at each breath, your body releases tensions. Feel how, at each breath the muscles of your body relax a little more. You can blow when breathing out, to help the tensions leave your body.

Put your attention and your intention on the circle you traced around yourself. See how the circle gets bigger and bigger. You will see that it encompasses the whole room now and it keeps getting bigger to include the village or the city, the country, the continent, the world. You are now sitting in the middle of the circle that traces around the whole world and you feel perfectly comfortable, as if you were still in your small, intimate circle.

You are conscious of the earth underneath you. You feel the pulsations of the earth underneath you. These pulsations, like the beatings of a heart come in through the feet and the root chakra and you let them reverberate in your whole body. You feel that the pulsation of the earth is the same pulsation you feel in your body.
You feel electric currents on your skin and you can perceive tiny microroots that leave from every part of your body and that plunge profoundly into the earth. These tiny roots are hardly noticeable, they are almost invisible like tiny filaments of light.
You lose track of where the earth begins and where your body ends and are conscious of the fact that taking good care of your body equals taking good care of the earth and vice versa. You feel your respiration take on the rythme of the earth and you feel the contraction and expansion of the earth underneath you ; Your breath becomes the breath of the earth.

There where you are sitting, in your circle, night falls and you begin to perceive an enormous moon just above your head. This very bright moon emanates a white/silvery light. This moon is so luminous that you can see it’s silvery rays descend towards the surface of the earth and towards yourself. These rays of silvery light caress your skin and you let them penetrate your skin, and enter your body. You can see this shiny, silvery colour diffuse itself in your blood, your saliva, your sperm, the liquids in your ovaries, uterus, your tears … Go over all of your bodily fluids, one by one, and see how these liquids are transformed in shiny, silvery rivers. You feel the magic of this and you feel the wellbeing in your body, you feel the strength of the purification and the softness of this lunar energy in your body.

As you are connected to the earth with your root system, you transmit this lunar energy to the earth and you can see how the creeks, brooks, rivers, waterfalls, oceans of the earth are filled with this luminous, silvery energy. Every water body of the earth is shining and glistening.
You feel completely submerged in lunar energy, with this silvery fluid coursing through your body, and you can feel that you‘re now one with the moon and your respiration is causing the tides of the earth. The fluidity and the purity that you feel inside your body is the same fluidity and purity of the waters of the earth.

Focus on yourself and see how the sky is becoming clearer as you are sitting in your circle, on the earth. The night is changing into day. The moon disappears and you can now see a magnificent golden sun just above your head. You can feel the warmth and the golden light of the sun enter every part of your body. Every dense part of concentrated matter in your body is transmuted with this golden light that strengthens and vitalises these parts of the body : your nails, your skin, your teeth, your hair, every bone of your body is filled with this golden light. Concentrate on your entire bone structure, feel how a cascade of golden light is flowing down your spine and entering the tiniest bone of your body. You feel the stability and the strength that this energy brings to your body.

As you are connected to the earth with your micro root system, you allow this golden energy to continue and descend into all dense parts of the earth : You can see how all the valleys, mountains, rocks, minerals and the whole earth crust is filled with this golden light that strengthens and brings back to life these places. You can feel a great strength and vitality run through your body and through the earth at the same time.

You can feel the presence of the 2 energies in your body at the same time : the purity and softness of the moon energy and the strength and vitality of the solar energy. You will now assemble these 2 energies in the same spot in your body.
You put your attention on the sacred chakra, that is about four fingers underneath your belly button and you visualise an orange sphere in this place. With each inhalation you suck in the 2 energies in this energy center. You concentrate all the silver and gold energy in this orange sphere. When you visualise the inside of the sphere you can see that half of it is silvery moon energy and the other half is golden sun energy.

You take some deep breaths to feel the positive effect of these 2 energies in your body. You can stay this way, with your eyes closed and continue the meditation at your own rythm, or you can open your eyes if you feel like this is right for you and start the 2 exercices that follow the meditation.


The end of the ritual

Take one sheet of paper and describe yourself with all your passions without using any titles, appropriations or labels. You will describe how you are and not what you are.

For example: You are not a kindergarten teacher, you are someone who likes to take care of children.
You are not Jake’s wife, you are a woman that loves Jake.
You are not a painter, you are someone who likes to express his feelings on canvas. 

Take the second sheet op paper and describe or imagine the world as you would like to see it. There are no limits: you can draw plants that don’t exist, change the architecture of this planet radically…. Draw the garden of Eden that is hiding inside this planet in the way you would imagine it to be.


We invite you to share what you felt, your creations in the facebook event. We will equally send you a message with what we felt during/after the ritual with the message/information we received. 

Thank you !