The 22nd of July is Mary Magdalene’s feast day. Mary Magdalene is one of the women that has helped shape the history of humanity and about whom many lies have been told, which resulted in many people having a completely distorted image of her that doesn’t correspond to the reality. Because of this, she has come a symbol of injustice, representing people who have been prevented from expressing themselves or who have been silenced. All these unspoken truths have blocked our throats over the course of history and these collective injuries are still keeping us from expressing ourselves freely and openly today.

By honouring Mary Magdalene today, we can start to restore her memory and through her, give the feminine back its rightful place. At the same time, we honour the feminine energy inside of us and by doing so liberate our own voice and free speech.

We will do this by giving thanks to the waters of this earth, by sending thoughts of gratitude and love towards the oceans, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, sacred springs of this earth. The waters of this earth echo the waters that are present inside of our bodies and so by honouring them, we also honour our own inner rivers. By cultivating our link with mother nature and by expressing our gratitude to the gifts of the oceans and the earth, we start to peel away layers of pollution and forgetfulness that hide the true nature and the true history of humanity and we free our own inner truth.

This ritual has the intention to:

  • Honour feminine energy inside of us and in the world and give it back its rightful place
  • Purify our emotional bodies and heal the injuries that we sustained through injustices and unspoken truths
  • Expressing our gratitude for the waters of this earth and their cleansing and healing energy
  • Awaken the forgotten memories of humanity

Jean-Baptiste and I will hold this ritual in the middle of the Red Sea in Egypt, accompanied by the group who is joining us on this journey and the energy of the dolphins whom we are going to visit. This place is particularly meaningful for the ritual, because Egypt represents the throat chakra of the planet. Egypt is also one of the birth places of humanity and there is a lot of knowledge buried beneath the sand and the waters of the sea. With our chants and our words we place an intention of reviving these memories and helping them emerge from the sea of forgetfulness.

How to participate

1) We will all tune in on the 22/07 from 9PM to 9.30PM. The ritual starts at 9PM.

2) Ideally you do this ritual close to the water. If there is a lake, river, sea or sacred spring close to you, you can do the ritual there, if not you can connect with your intention to the water source that resonates most for you right now.

3) (5-8 minutes) We will start the ritual by connecting to our heart.
Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and allow yourself to let your presence and consciousness go deep within yourself until you reach the heart chakra. Visualise that you are sitting in front of spring that is welling up from the depths of the earth. The water of this pure and cristalline spring has an emerald green colour. The flow of this incredibly pure spring rises up through the chest and the throat and flows out of your throat chakra, like a fountain. Stay with this vision for a couple of minutes, feel how the source of this energy lies in your heart chakra and wells up into the throat.

(3b – If you are doing this ritual in a group setting, take the time to create a heart connexion between the people in the group after the connexion to your own heart. Hold hands, keep your eyes closed and feel the energy circulate from heart to heart, from left to right in the circle)

4) (15 minutes) Sing the Algonquin water song to honour the waters of this earth.
When you sing this song, do so from the heart. You can place your hands on your heart chakra if this helps you. Sing this song as if it were a lullaby you were singing to the oceans of this earth. As if you were saying: “I know you are suffering, I am sorry for your pain. I am here for you, don’t worry, everything will be OK, I will take care of you.” Put your heart into the singing, pour in your love, your compassion and the kindness you have in you.

Watch the video with the song here:

Here is the text in phonetics:

Nee Bee Wa Bo
En Die En
Ah ki mis kwi
Nee Bee wa Bo
Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

5) (5min) Open your eyes and place your intentions.
Again, you concentrate on the vision of the sacred spring inside of your heart chakra. Feel it. What will you do to honour feminine energy, to honour the oceans of this earth and the waters inside of you? What is the commitment you are willing to take, what will you do to free your throat chakra?
(You can write this down if you are alone or share in the circle if you are with a group)

6) (5 min) You can make an offering to the water.
If you wish to do so, you can make an offering to the water. An offering that doesn’t pollute the water of course, flower petals for example. We will take a vial of the water of the 2 sacred springs of Glastonbury (heart chakra of the earth) with us to Egypt. These 2 sacred springs represent sacred masculine and sacred feminine energy and we will share these waters with the Red Sea to close the ritual.

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