What is a bard? In ancient times the bard was one of the cornerstones of Celtic society. As storytellers they fulfilled an important role in societies where wisdom and knowledge was passed on by oral transmission. The bards held the collective memories of a society and brought history alive through their songs and poems, like virtual libraries moving through the ages.

In a day and age when our world is bleeding and breaking from mistakes caused by lack of wisdom, people start seeking information elsewhere, looking to fill the holes that scholarly education left behind. And behold, the bards are resuscitated as the earth goddess breathes new life into them, rising Taliesin from a grave of oblivion to answer an age-old call. Modern bards are yet again parting the veils between worlds and shining a light on an past that’s been obscured.

A true bard knows how to bring people back to themselves. Through word, song, sound and silence the bard reconnects them to their essence. They are fire wizards, lighting sparks in people’s hearts and eyes as they breathe together as one being, gathered around the bardic fire, listening to words spoken and unspoken about truth and love. A bard weaves together the collective consciousness of a community, brings it to the surface. Bards are writers, singers, poets who speak form the soul and share their creations because the muse is too abundant to be kept within the confines of only one heart.

Here’s a captivating interview of Billy the Bard, former chaired bard of Glastonbury, interviewed by our friend, Matt Witt who is a bard himself, for the magazine http://wakeupscreaming.com/