Today is summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere: the longest day and the shortest night. Here, in Peru, in the Southern hemisphere we celebrate winter solstice, the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This is one of those key moments in the year where our ancestors used to evaluate the imprint they left on the past and prepare the energy of what they’d like to realise in the future. These moments where nature changed it’s rhythm were moments of reflection, of introspection on their lives and of celebrations and rituals to mark the transition. Nature releases strong energy currents at certain times of the year and they understood how to co-operate with this energetic movement, how to align with this energy and how to seize the opportunities that were available to them during these energy portals.

We lost the capacity to synchronise with nature, to let ourselves go with the flow and to take advantage of these energy “boosts”. And yet, these opportunities still exist today and these possibilities are still open to us. If you feel like you live a frantic and stressful life today, this is simply because you lost this natural rhythm and because of this you lost your sense of direction, you travel without compass and you are no longer in the flow.

Everyone can learn to synchronise with the rhythm of life and live in harmony. I invite you to seize the opportunity of this solstice to test this and to put yourself in the role of an observer to get an overall view of your life. These moments are like anchorage points, opportunities to have some insights, milestones that allow us to contemplate our experiences and choose a direction for the future.
Every transitional moment is different, depending on the moment of the year, the place you’re in, your current lifestyle, the global energy and your present moment. What is currently on your mind? What do you wish to change, accomplish? Take a moment today to meditate, to think about these questions.
This is a powerful energetic act, and yet very simple, that allows you to stay in the flow of life and boost your objectives. These moments of reflection allow you to live consciously instead of living on automatic pilot. Every person defines and organises these moments according to their present moment to turn them into privileged encounters with oneself.


For me this solstice will be all about abundance. It’s a theme that I feel is very present all over in the world today. How do we define abundance? Today we often still define abundance as material abundance: having a lot of money and material goods, but we are in the process of changing this definition. A definition is only a word to which we attached a certain meaning and this meaning can be changed at any time. Every label is only an idea to which a certain number of people accord the same content.

It’s very entertaining to watch the rules of the game change today: words and definitions change, which means that ideas are changing to adapt to a new world that is already there. Thanks to the many monetary, economical and stock exchange crises our definition of abundance is changing. In this big movement towards freedom, money is put at its rightful place again, as a means and not an end.
When a population, or humanity in this case, is ready for evolution, the exterior circumstances adapt to sustain the process of change. Everything is movement, nothing is fixed.

I often ponder about the meaning of abundance lately. What does abundance mean to me? What are my past experiences with abundance? And how can we adapt the meaning of this word to better suit our needs and wishes?
Today I experience abundance, also because I learned to define it differently. Today this concept is very large to me, very vast, it’s a huge cloud containing different sensations, emotions and words. The word that is currently highlighted in this cloud is “freedom”. If I’m able to experience abundance today, it’s because I’m free. Free to be who I want to be, to express myself how I want to, to love who I want as much as I want to, to go where I please, freedom of feeling and freedom of thought. This is what I cherish above all else today.

And you? What is the theme of this transition to you? What does abundance mean to you?