Energy Healing

by Anaïs & Jean-Baptiste

A healing session is a privileged moment of communication with your spirit and your soul

Life is magical, but to wield our magic wands and manifest the life we love, we need to reconnect to our inner source of abundance and creativity. Everything that deviates us from this source creates internal conflicts that manifest as disease, mental health issues, lack in confidence, depression, lack of direction in life, difficulty to make the right decisions etc.

The energy healing sessions we offer create a space where your soul’s energy and light can flow back into your being. They reposition you in your centre, your inner space of calm and serenity and reconnect you to your own source and allow you to express yourself freely and authentically. By eliminating the obstacles that prevent you from accessing your source easily, you will be able to go back to abundance and flow.

A healing session reconnects you to a profound state of harmony and allows your cells and your body to recognise and integrate this information to access it more easily afterwards. 

What are the benefits of energy healing?

The harmonising healing sessions are intended to allow you to relax every part of your being and spark a physical and energetic purification process.

They highlight inner incoherences that are not aligned to your source and provoke the shifts in your mindset to implement necessary changes in your life that favour inner and outer harmony.

If your life is already shifting, an energy healing session will give you the necessary support and help you preserve your inner peace.

Each healing session has a highly individual signature, because the energy adapts to your needs in the present moment.

What to expect from a session?

  • The healing sessions happen at a distance or in Glastonbury on appointment
  • Healing sessions are done by Anaïs and can be done in combination with Jean-Baptiste on request
  • After subscription you will be contacted to arrange a date and hour for the session.
  • For a distant healing session we need your first name, last name and date of birth
  • A healing session last approximately 45 minutes.
  • We will be in contact via email after the session to discuss your feelings and give further advice