Compass Session

by Anaïs

A compass session exists to help you find your direction on the path of life.

For whom?

  • People who are in the process of changing their lives and who need some guidance, support or encouragement to be able to move forward in a serene way
  • People who are on a spiritual path and who wish to continue to evolve and open their consciousness and perception
  • People who wish to follow their hearts and commit to their passions
  • People who are going through important moments of transition

What to expect from a compass session?

  • Identify what is keeping you from moving forward
  • Appease your fears and doubts
  • See new possibilities, broaden your vision
  • See how you can move past the obstacles on your path
  • Continue evolving on your spiritual path
  • Helps you move forward more serenely, calmly and helps you be centered

Book a Session

A session can happen via skype or in Glastonbury, takes 45 minutes and costs £65.