Some pictures of the floating islands (Uros) at the Peruvian side of lake Titicaca and of Taquile island. These visits really moved us: the floating islands were originally built as ingenious contraptions that saved the predecessors of the Aymara, a peaceful civilisation, from more agressive tribes in the region. The current inhabitants of the islands are still living the way their ancestors did thousands of years ago. They are happy and proud to be the guardians of their culture and even though they dream of travelling, their mission of preservation gives meaning to their lives.

Next we went to the island of Taquile, an island that is completely self sufficient and auto-regulated by it’s inhabitants. There are no cars, no hotels and if a tourist wishes to stay overnight, he can stay with one of the residents. A person exterior to the community can not buy land, nor open a business on the island. All decisions are taken by the whole of the community and here’s one of my favourites: they decided that they had no need for a police force. The neighbouring island did have one, but were forced to abolish their police force after some unpleasant events with drunken police officers and their service guns…  P1110029P1110026   P1110022P1110003P1110113P1110070P1110103