At the same time, you will awaken the memories of generations of priestesses that lived and worked on this earth and start to embody the strength, wisdom and essence of those that followed the Path of the Magdalene.

The Path of the Magdalene is a path of profound healing, transforming false beliefs we hold on femininity and healing wounds that were caused throughout the centuries where the feminine no longer had a place in this world. It is a path of reconciliation with the masculine, thanks to the fact that we reintegrate our power and no longer need to feel powerless. There is a true reconciliation with the sacred and the divine because consciously or subconsciously many women were resentful towards the divine because they felt excluded.

The fire of anger can be transformed into a fire of positive action: the sword of Mary Magdalene become our axis of alignment and gives unimaginable solidity and stability. Women start to walk taller, claim their place and start to shine. They discover the infinite potential of their creative feminine energy and they find the strength and faith that allows them to follow up on their dreams with Mary Magdalene supporting them..

Even if this is a path of personal alignment first and foremost, you are equally being prepared to share the medicine of the Magdalene with other women if you choose to do so. From the second initiation onward you can start organizing Magdalene circles and after the last initiation you can offer rose healing as a service.



  • Sacred women’s rituals
  • History of Mary Magdalene
  • Visits to the sacred sites connected to Mary Magdalene
  • Rose Healing
  • Womb and chakra healing
  • Initiations to integrate/awaken the sacred symbols of the Magdalenes (and awakened the consciousness of the Magdalene)
  • Sacred Anointment rituals
  • Meditation time
  • Etc.

Anaïs and the Path of the Magdalene

Today Mary Magdalene has become the sword showing me the path of alignment and the internal compass guiding my decisions, but this wasn’t always so. 8 years ago, when she first started showing up in my meditations and channelings, I didn’t know her. Little by little, she helped me understand that not only did I not know her, I had no clue about what feminine energy was and I didn’t know myself. She helped me get to know myself, showed me the thousands of ways in which I limited myself and opened a path to a softer and more peaceful way of living. Without meeting her, I wouldn’t have been able to write « Laying down the Arms ». She gave me the faith and the perseverance to continue on the path of my purpose without compromising my truth. She allowed to fully embody my spirituality and today this path runs in my blood, my body, my soul.

She was of such important and beneficial influence in my life that I couldn’t withhold from sharing this balm. I feel a strong vocation to rectify her story, rehabilitate her and give her back her voice by allowing women to experience this connection and rewrite her story together. She has the strength and energy to transform the disappointment, sadness and anger of women in a fire that nourishes planetary renewal. This is what I wish to ignite through this path: I would like women to be the driving force of a rebirth of humanity.

The Path of the Magdalene in Glastonbury


The mythology of Avalon (the mystical name for Glastonbury) is saturated with histories of the Essence community that came to this land to meet the druids and exchange their wisdom and teachings. After the crucifixion Joseph of Arimathea is said to have taken Mary Magdalene and other members of the holy family here to bring them to safety and she is said to have spent many years in Avalon, teaching her mysteries.
Whether we believe this or not, her energy is very present in a number of sites and the essence of her spiritual philosophy of unity in duality is reflected in this sacred landscape. Glastonbury has a strong tradition of priestesshood and as the heart chakra of the planet it is the ideal place to open our hearts to the sacred feminine in all her different shapes and incarnations.

    Practical information on the Path of the Magdalene


    • The initiations take place in Glastonbury, England
    • There are 3 levels of initiation: 3 weekends of 3 days spread out over a year
    • In between the weekends of initiation you participate in monthly online circles to reconnect as a group and continue the integration of the rose and the Magdalene
    • The price of the initiation comprises the initiations, entries for the sacred sites, the course manual
    • You will be invited to a yearly reunion – an opportunity to meet the other « Magdalenes « , women who already finished the initiation that they started
    • In between initiations you will participate in rituals and keep a “journal” to document your progress and continue to learn
    • You reserve your lodging and your trip (see the guide here).


    I always felt a strong connection to Mary Magdalene, but never really got the chance to deepen this connection. When I saw that Anais organized the Path of the Magdalene, I immediately said yes!

    My heart knew that this path would allow me to find balance between my aspects as a woman, a wife, a mother. It allowed me to find balance between all my dimension, my physical, emotional and spiritual self. I was able to explore and accept my own abilities of healing, compassion, listening, and this allowed me to strike balance between doing and being, between body and soul. It was as if my soul had been crying out for this!

    I also intuitively felt that saying yes to this adventure meant there was no turning back: I would find myself and I would be called to show my true face.

    I felt it was a powerful commitement to myself. Would the people around me accept this? Would me life be able to adapt to me, evolve with me? I was a call for authenticity towards myself and other, towards life itself. It is hard to resist to this path of truth. This strong faith that obliterates old ways of doing things, old patterns.

    Together with the other women, we experienced being stripped of our illusions, feeling lighter, with a lot of emotions and honesty among us. I experienced warmth and pure sisterhood in their midst. I feel priviliegd to have been able to experience this path over the course of a year, with these women, with Anaïs .

    It is not an easy path, I confronted some great fears and wounds. It required courage to move forward, but all of this within the power and love of the feminine, as if we were being carried by all the women who went before us, who carried us through, comforting and encouraging us.

    – Mylène

    When Anaïs announced the start of the Path of the Magdalene, I felt immediately called. Every word resounded in me. I especially felt drawn to the womb healing practice as I felt it could help my personal health.

    I discovered who Mary Magdalene truly was and learned more about the place of the feminine across human history. The path of the Magdalene is not limited to Mary Magdalene… to me it is the path for all women who want to take their rightful place and power. The meditations and rituals allowed me to sharpen my intuition and to experience a powerful heart opening.

    This path gives us access to real tools that facilitate healing and it awakens memories of times long gone. It is an invitation to surrender to faith, to opening our hearts and minds. I experienced our encounters as a return to myself. They allowed me to live my life with more flow, more alignment, more truth. I know that this experience didn’t appear to me by chance, I feel I was reconnected to myself, my original essence, my sacred being. I feel it is a path to Life in its most magical and beautiful manifestation.

    – Emmanuelle

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