What bothers you in another person, what you don’t agree with, is something that still needs healing inside of you”, ” the shadow of another is a reflection of your own shadows” – This kind of thoughts that are prevalent in the spiritual world are not very nuanced and not very exact. It is true that we are all connected amongst each other and so when a shadow emerges in a person, this shadow somehow belongs to the collective. It is present, it exists, therefore it touches the whole of existence and everything that is part of it.
It is not true, however, that when someone casts their shadow on you or confronts you with their shadow, that this is your fault and it just mirrors your inner shadows. This is possible, but it is far from always the case and it is important to integrate this information. When you are on an path of expansion, you will shed your shadows little by little and you will shine more and more of your inner light. As you become brighter, you will also become more confrontational to be around, just by being yourself. Like a lighthouse, you will shed light on the shadows of others and they are not always ready to face them and so they will react against the person who shines the light as their survival mechanism is triggered. Just know that their reaction has little to do with you, that it does not belong to you. When you shine strongly, you won’t be able to avoid this kind of reaction and you are not meant to either. By choosing to walk a path that increases your light, it is naturally part of your purpose to illuminate what needs to be purified and it’s beautiful that you can facilitate this.

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