[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I think the evolution of consciousness is the single most important issue in the world today, as this issue is key to determining the rest of our future. It is therefore with great joy that I see people open up their possibilities, their vision, their comprehension of the world. And it is with equal apprehension that I witness the abuse that exists within this spiritual revolution. It’s not because someone has a certain knowledge or because they can heal people that they’re worthy of your confidence. Luckily, there are many people with honourable intentions in the spiritual realm, but those who are not part of this group are the ones that do the most damage.
As in every situation : use your discernment.

I share with you here my very personal « bullshit list ». Maybe you’ll agree with certain points, maybe you won’t with others. It doesn’t matter because you’ll always make your decisions according to the experiences you need to have.

Here are some of the people/situations that immediately set off my inner bullshit radar:

  • The person asks extremely high prices : You can compare the seminar/workshop with prices of similar workshops and you can even ask for a justification of the price if it seems especially steep to you. It’s just that I already heard of people paying 6000€ for a weekend of meditation…
    Everything depends on the public you cater to : if you organise meditation weekends for the IMF, go ahead and charge 6000€ !
  • The person is a chosen one: Right, if he really was an evolved being, he wouldn’t announce himself as a chosen one. Be particularly careful with the ones that all of a sudden take on a Hebrew name or a biblical name…
  • There are 10000 copyrights on the class material : It makes you nervous to share what you’ve learned with your spouse in the intimacy of your own home. Or, before being able to put into practice what you’ve learned, you need 25 certificates, if not you’re not « ready » to share.
  • You’re asked a sacrifice : This one ought to be obvious, but if I’m mentioning it, it’s because it happens. Sometimes you’re asked to sacrifice an animal, a body part, in extreme cases a child, to be able to regain your health, or to acquire wealth, power, fame.
    Do I really have to explain that you’re in league with dark entities and that along with the sacrifice, you’ll hand in your soul ?
  • The organisation that proposes to teach you something is everything but transparent : There’s a heavily developed hierarchical structure (you’re not even sure how many levels there are exactly) and you don’t have the slightest idea of what is going on on the higher levels and absolutely everything is top secret : You should abstain from sharing your knowledge with someone that didn’t pay the member fee (an unworthy one).
  • There’s a very strict protocol and 10000 rules to be applied : You shouldn’t be tempted to use your intuition and free will and adopt the method so that it’ll suit you better. Oh no, « you have to » and « you should » a lot of things and there are certain things « that you are not allowed to ». Forget your personal freedom if you want to apply this method.
  • The person suffers from multiple personality disorder : During the course/workshop the person is all love & light, herbal infusions and vegan food, but the minute he/she leaves the classroom it’s Burger King, a Coke and a smoke, before heading home to insult the spouse and smack the kid. (This could seem like an exaggeration, but it exists, let me assure you). So here’s the deal : spirituality is not some role you play, it’s not by burning incense that you become « spiritual ». Spirituality is not something you do during office hours, it’s something you embody, it is who you are, every minute of every day. Simple as that.
  • The person let’s you sign a discharge : Right, should I tell you that you’re in for a lot of bullshit and possibly abuse ?
  • You need years of therapy or accompaniment : No-one can tell you in advance how long your process (of recovery, of evolution) will last. There are so many different factors that determine the outcome and that can change every minute. If someone is telling you that you need years of therapy there are 2 options : the therapist really doesn’t believe you can get better, in which case you should look for another therapist, or he’s looking to make a lot of money out of you.
  • Last but not least : Dodgy drinks/elixirs/drugs. No, really, there are no drinks/pills/incantations that will make you rich/handsome/intelligent. And you can add to that all the plants/drugs/substances that are in vogue in the spiritual world to help you expand your consciousness. There are no shortcuts when it comes to your consciousness or your well-being. Both demand a close look at yourself and then you need to work on yourself, they come from within, not from without…
    Every miracle remedy that is proposed is either a hoax, or it’s influenced by not so luminous energies. By taking substances, I don’t care if they are « natural », you lose control over what happens and you no longer control the journey. You will open doors you are not ready to open and you’ll unwillingly invite all kinds of energies to come and feast on the buffet (you).

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