A house is a temple, a sacred and conscious space in which we spend much of our time. By honouring this space, we generate harmony and create a space that supports our energy and activities.
Below I share a process of ritualising your entry in a new home. You can omit, modify or add certain bits, the important thing being that the ritual resonates with you. The necessary elements for each ritual are: 1) purification, 2) placing the energy and 3) Lighting the Hearth

We start with a purification ritual. Because even if there is good energy in the house, we still clear the energy before moving in. You wouldn’t live in the dust of the previous owners or the workers that prepared the house, neither should you live in their energies. Clearing the energy is important. Here is a purification ritual from the Druid tradition:

Ritual of purification and connection to a space

The Celts often used the opportunity of the Druid festivals to cleanse their living and working spaces physically and energetically. This allowed them to turn the page and begin a new phase of the Wheel of Life with fresh and renewed energy. The energy purification was done after the physical cleaning of the house. Here are the different things they used to do to purify their homes:

  • Open all the doors and windows of the house before doing a big purification ritual. This allows fresh air and renewed energy to enter the house.
  • Fumigation: Burn sage or other purifying plants and move through every room with the smoke. Pay particular attention to corners, windowsills and door sills, places where energy often stagnates. Fumigation purifies the air and space and chases harmful energies.
  • Olfactotherapy for the Home: An alternative to fumigation is to diffuse an essential oil in a water diffuser, you can use purifying oils or even choose different oils for different rooms to match the energy you want to place there.
  • Sound activation: Use singing bowls, drums or other instruments, sing or make noise by clapping your hands in every room of the house (again paying more attention to the corners of the rooms). Sound awakens the energy of the house and gets stagnant energies moving again.
  • Blessing with Sacred Water: Pour water from a sacred spring into a bowl and use a brush or your fingers to sprinkle drops of that water in each of the rooms. The water element purifies and brings flow into the home.

After the cleansing work a small branch of a tree or a protective plant was often hung at the entrance of the house to bless the people who entered the house and banish evil spirits and energies.

The above can be used to purify any living space, even if you already live in it. Below I give you a few extra steps that I apply each time I move house to bring the house to life and place an auspicious energy:

  • Decorate the house: Ideally the decoration of the house reflects the people that live in it and the energies they wish to invite into the house and represent. The more you use natural materials, the more your home will be able to breathe and support good health, the more you source your furniture and objects from ethical companies, the better the energy you create in the house. (second-hand furniture or furniture from ethical companies, natural fabrics, handicrafts, etc.) Beware of second-hand furniture and objects, make sure you cleanse them before introducing them into the home)
  • Place the energy: A house has an overall energy and then each room has a specific energy. Tune in. What is the feeling and energy of every room is and how do you translate this in the colours and objects you use? Which are the complementary energies you wish to call in/place in each of the rooms?
    For example: the overall feeling of our current house is “joy and abundance”, the one before was “healing and deepening”, the one before that was “connection and expansion”. In this house one of the rooms felt more masculine, it felt like an awakening energy so we called in Horus and Merlin in this space and honoured them on the room altar. Another room felt feminine, soft and elevating, we called in Quan Yin and Hathor and honoured them on the altar.
  • Place your sacred objects: Once you have identified the energy of each room, you can place your sacred objects and create small altars in each of the rooms. (Bathrooms and kitchen not included.)
  • Lighting the Heart:In ancient times, the first thing we did when we moved was to bless the hearth. This would traditionally be done by the lady of the house, the keeper of the sacred fire, while reciting blessings or prayers or singing songs. The lighting of the hearth would bring the warmth, abundance and life force of the fire element into the new home and help bring it to life. Nowadays you can light the hearth in different ways: if you have a fireplace you can make a fire when you move in and place some intentions for your life in the new home. If you don’t have a fireplace, light some candles.
    Cook. A house is a not home until a meal has been lovingly prepared in the house. In ancient times, the hearth was the place where the meals were prepared and was also the place where the family would assemble. Nowadays these are mostly separate, but the fireplace and the kitchen are still the places where we spend most time.

Invite friends or family for a meal at your new house. The warmth of the hearth is best kept alive by sharing it with others.