We just spent a week in the Peruvian jungle, in the Manu national park. We enrolled as eco-volunteers in the ecological reserve of Chonta Chaka. Our mission was to help make an inventory of the medicinal plants with the help of a botanist. Once we arrived it became clear that we would have to find our own way to do the work, because there wasn’t really anyone there who could show us how to proceed. We did have one guided visit of the reserve by Mario (or superMario), a man of 79 years old, who shared his knowledge on medicinal plants with us, and for the rest we found our own way of doing things. The place is like a little piece of paradise: our bathtub was a pond at the bottom of a waterfall, we were surrounded by gigantic butterflies and Paula the monkey came by for cuddles every morning. Initially, we were meant to stay 2 weeks, but after one week we felt we had done what we came here to do. 

One evening, we made a connection to an ancient indigenous tribe that lived there 1500 years ago. They lived in that jungle and they died in the jungle. Their spirits are still present there today. Here’s the message they shared with us:

Be welcome. Mioko. We are the spirits of this place. We are tribe that has been here since 1500 years. We used to live here. We died here and our souls stayed behind to guard the place. We bring well-being to this jungle. We communicate our knowledge to whoever wishes it. Those who still live in this jungle know, their ancients connect to our souls. We know about this jungle and about everything that happens inside of it.” 

About plants

We talk to plants, like we talk to human beings, they can tell you very interesting things. With time, we got to know those who had certain properties. You can just ask them. Touch them, feel them and ask them what they wish to tell you. There are those that are ready to sacrifice themselves to cure humans and others that aren’t ready yet. There are those that developed the power to heal, that are at their full potential and those that are not ready yet. It is now possible to not sacrifice any plants, like we did before. You can just connect to their energy and send their energy where it needs to go. This is what we learned along the years. The way we used to use plants is no longer relevant. There is no longer any need to use them this way. Those plants need to grow and you need to let them live now. You no longer need to use them physically.” 

On animals

This place has known many different eras, like the one where it was filled with all sorts of animals. Today there are above all many insects. There were less of them before, they were feeding the other animals. Many of those animals suffer from the consequences of what you call pollution. We feel that here. Many animals disappear. Yes, there are many plants that provide oxygen, but the pollution is too strong. The animals prefer to move to the other world or they chose to die. There are no longer many of them, like there were in the past, we used to know all of them. We were aware of their existence, today man forgot about them. There were many men who hunted these animals as well, they wanted their destruction. Others simply disappeared, because their place was no longer here. We, our tribe, killed animals as well, but nothing compared to what man is doing today. We didn’t kill any females or babies, we did not want to endanger the reproduction of the species. And we didn’t commit any genocides or other things that could endanger the species. The animals that were to die knew about this a couple of days in advance. They knew they would sacrifice themselves and they were ready.
Today man no longer understands this notion of things happening before they actually happen. They can feel it some moments before the moment of their death, but they can no longer feel it days in advance, this has become to complicated for them. Animals still have this instinct. You kill animals by the hundreds, this is called genocide. These animals know some days in advance that they will be tortured and killed in the most cowardly of ways. This is what causes them to stress. We used to perform prayers, the animal was sacred before it gave it’s life to us. Yes, every animal has a soul! We didn’t know when we performed the prayers which animal would be killed. We made a connection to that future animals through various rites. We knew that it would feed entire families and that when his soul had left his body, we would be able to put a good energy in this meat, in our food. It was exceptional. We did this only when we felt our people needed the strength. Today they are sacrificed without any reason. There is no longer any consideration for it’s soul, no connexion to this sacred food and the vibration of those who eat this can only go down.
With plants it’s the same: they know they will be eaten, but they can regrow after. It’s the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Think about making a connexion to each thing you eat to insert a vibration that is in harmony with who you are.

Here, the humans that think they are here to replant the forest are not always connected to the consciousness of the forest. Are these plants that are going to grow really necessary here? Are they at the right place? This is essential, it is necessary to connect to yourself and to the forest. Sometimes, when we think we’re doing good, this is not really the case. People need a time to learn. In our tribe we taught this to our children, but now it is possible to teach this even to adults. The learning time has become a lot shorter in your age.
We, men and women of the tribe, make this connection for them at the moment. But it is essential that humans learn to connect as well. We can influence, certainly, but if humankind is to evolve in the right direction, it is essential to teach this. This is what people really come here to learn, they need people to teach them. Everything evolves very rapidly today, but you already know that. The people that come here don’t really make a connection to this place, they meditate very little, they are not aligned with themselves. It’s essential to place the energy of this here, so that things can happen more naturally
. You might be the only people here to really understand this. It is not by wanting to do good, that we do good. There is a planting technique, yes, but the essence is not there. It’s Being whole, being part of the whole. We already understood this in our time and we felt connected to the whole of existence. Few still understand this today. We didn’t need to plant trees, the trees planted themselves. Some tribes still have this consciousness. But today, every human being is capable of reaching this level of consciousness.”  

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