Mary Magdalene evolved from a completely unknown character to the main compass in my life. During quite some time she was the lantern that lit my path, of unconditional support. Now, I can feel her as much on the inside as on the outside. She is no longer just an idea or a vague historical personality, she’s an energy, a consciousness that moves within me. I don’t have more claim to her than anyone else, she is just as present for anyone as she is for me, but maybe I’m able to accept her more than many people. Sometimes I feel her presence so strongly that it’s as if our souls were merging. Often, she expresses herself through me as if my voice were hers, as if our DNA were entwined. She is part of me, as I am part of her.
Before, she came and went, now she is here to stay. She has become indissociable of my path. I can feel how sometimes this confuses people. Because sometimes, the light they see in me is hers, her presence that springs up from my being and that radiates outwards like an overflowing cup. Sometimes it is difficult to feel the difference between her and me, but never do I experience this fusion as being a loss of my identity or a water down of my own essence. On the contrary, her presence reinforces mine and allows me to incarnate even more. As if she were my backbone, the propelling force behind my own expansion.

I feel that her consciousness merges with mine to find and outlet into the material world. As if by completely accepting her presence, I become a doorway into the material world for her. I feel her like a sister, sometimes divine, sometimes human. Profoundly gentle and with an open heart. I know we are part of the same sisterhood, the one all women have access to today, and I have committed my life to letting her voice be heard and making her energy accessible to as many women as possible.

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