Autumn equinox is the moment in the year when the sun moves through the celestial equator and changes celestial hemispheres. It is the point at which the visible sun is directly above the earth’s equator.

At the equinox the night is as long as the day, there is balance between darkness and light. It is the point of balance between solar and lunar forces, between yin and yang. The autumn equinox is also the period of the grape harvest, hop, apple and pear harvest, of walnuts, all of the fruit that enjoyed the last of the summer sun and it is a good idea to share a meal with family and friends to share the fruits of this harvest or do an offering to the earth to invoke the return of abundance in springtime.
Equinox is the ideal moment to reflect back on the year that has passed, to evaluate your activities and become conscious of your achievements (which of your actions/achievements contributed something to your life, to the life of others or to positive change in the world). Be grateful for your achievements, because by thanking yourself, you thank the divine particle in yourself and you will place the energy for future successes.

After this point in time we enter into the ideal period to go more inward, we enter into a period of reflection, we slow down the rhythm of life to keep the life force we accumulated during spring and summer. It is essential to be as much aligned as possible when entering autumn to benefit from this gestation period. You will encounter your own shadow side during the coming months and you need to be sufficiently balanced to be able to welcome this part of yourself.
Ideally, before passing the gates of autumn, you alleviate yourself of all furniture, photos, books, etc. that you are no longer in accord with, that provoke an unpleasant sensation. You will feel lighter going into the darker months.
This is also the time to say goodbye to toxic habits or relationships. You need your energy to keep you going through winter.

In a nutshell, autumn equinox asks you to focus on yourself. You have been actively engaging with many people during the summer months and now is the time to actively engage with yourself and get to know your inner workings even better.

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