That’s it, our tickets have been booked to begin our journey that will start in La Paz, Bolivia. We will arrive at the highest airport in the world at 4000 metres altitude. Here in Brussels, we’re very proud of our highest point, altitude 100… This will be a bit of a change. Every city, every country has it’s own appeal.

We’ll be leaving at dawn on the 20th of March to arrive during the night of the 21st, after two transits. This will the first step of our adventure: La Paz or Nuestra Senora de La Paz (Our Lady of Peace). This is not the capital of Bolivia, which is Sucre, but it’s the city that houses the Bolivian Parliament. The governing instances are divided between these two “capitals”.

Evo Morales is the president of Bolivia. He’s the first president of native american origin. He’s the first to publicly claim his cultural heritage and the first to implement laws defending the social and cultural rights of the indigenous population. He put in place the famous mother earth law “Ley de Derechos de la Madre Terra” in 2009 to officially recognise nature’s rights, just like human rights.


La Paz has been classified in the list of seven new world wonders. I don’t know what this choice is based on, but it makes me want to discover this city. This will be the starting point for our exploration of Latin America that will lead us to Peru, Argentina, Chile, etc….

Ready for take off…