A goddess is conscious and awake

She doesn’t act randomly or out of habit, she carefully selects her words, thoughts and actions to reflect her inner world outward. She infuses the smallest part of her existence with consciousness and awareness and cultivates harmony and balance in everything she does.

A goddess acts and speaks with grace and kindness

A goddess is very much aware of her warrior aspect and her strength. She nourishes this inner fire by engaging in activities and supporting causes she feels passionate about, but she never directs her power and strength to harm or destroy. A goddess’s intentions are always to create and sustain life and love. She pours every ounce of her energy into birthing a world of beauty and harmony, instead of wasting her energy on destroying what will soon become irrelevant. She doesn’t resort to aggression or provocation to achieve her goals, instead she sets an example through her way of life. She prefers being present as a comforting force, encouraging others with her gentle words to live authentically as well.

A goddess recognises and honours her sisters

She recognises her sisters who have decided to walk the goddess path and she’s always ready to lend them her support and guidance. She feels a deep sense of connection with her sisters on this earth and shares her wisdom, skills and kindness with other goddesses. She rejoices in the joys and successes of her female tribe as if they were her own.

A goddess honours her roots

A goddess knows where she comes from and is knowledgeable in ancestral wisdom. She safeguards and transmits this wisdom to future generations. She highly values and respects the knowledge of her female predecessors and seeks to heal or ease the pain of her ancestors when necessary. A goddess has two mothers: a mother of flesh and bones with blood flowing through her veins, who nurtures and guides her and agrees to be the portal through which she can incarnate and a mother of rock and sand, with water flowing through her veins, shaping the world she is welcomed into. She loves and respects both equally, making their voices heard in the way she chooses to shape her destiny.

A goddess honours her temple

A goddess loves to treat herself kindly by eating healthy, nourishing her skin, decorating her body, etc. Not out of vanity or desire to please, but out of an innate knowing that all that is alive is sacred, her body and temple included. She takes the time to relax and keep her senses alive and pulsing with perfumes, colours, textiles, massages, spices, etc. She knows the strengths and weaknesses of her body and takes care of it in a responsible way. She knows her body is a precious ally she needs to fulfil her life’s mission.

A goddess engages in healthy relationships

A woman-goddess engages in a relationship with a man or woman who recognises and honours her divine nature and she will do the same for him/her. A goddess is never defined by a relationship and she will never adapt herself to suit a potential partner, nor compromise her values.

She doesn’t need to be with someone to feel worthy or achieve her goals and if she decides to share her life with someone, it is because she feels they can both mutually contribute something valuable to each other’s lives. She is already whole by herself and she looks for her equal in a partner, someone who adds an extra dimension to her life, stimulating her expansion by broadening her horizon.

A goddess creates harmony and beauty

She seeks to create and cultivate beauty for she recognises beauty as the external sign of inner harmony. In whichever way a goddess chooses to express herself: art, music, poetry, writing, crafts, etc., or in whichever domain she chooses to use her skills: science, transmission of wisdom, healing arts, sustaining the natural world, magic, etc., she will always do so in a harmonious way, pursuing and sublimating the beauty of the natural world. Her abundance of soul shows in the abundance and beauty of her creations.

A goddess creates and acts from the heart

A goddess’s expressions and creations flow from the heart. She never lets her words, actions or creations spring from fear or anger and she never acts from a place of imbalance. By not identifying with her emotions, she keeps her intentions and actions pure.
She knows that deep within her lies a sacred spring from which an infinite stream of possibilities, love and inspiration flow abundantly. When she is connected to this inner fountain, divine essence flows through her.

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