Lately I often use the term purification of connections. In a way we’re all connected and we co-create the world we live in today. Purifying our mutual connection is something I do for me and for you. We purify our connections mutually. Don’t you think it’s more logical to purify our connections than to cut all ties? Both of them are possible. It’s essential to feel which one is needed for a particular situation. I realised this during the last workshop when a participant asked me if she should protect herself from different energies: in energetic healing classes you learn how to create a protective bubble around yourself. I felt that it was better to have an attitude of transparency or to transfer the energies to the earth (literally plugging yourself into the earth’s energy). For me it’s essential not to cut myself off from anything, but to feel what is happening and to know that another person’s energy will not linger. Here’s the formula I can suggest to you:

  • I send you love. I open my heart. I open up to whatever will happen. I am confident (faith in myself). 
  • I recognise you as you are. You exist as such. I observe you. I don’t judge the situation. I am open to hear any message that needs to be heard. 
  • I forgive you. I give you back your part. I put everything back in it’s rightful place. 
  • You can go your own way. Everything will go back to it’s rightful place and you can now go back to your rightful place. 
  • I thank you. Gratitude for what just took place. 

I use this formula in healing sessions, when I feel something in the body that needs to be purified, or when I feel an oppressive energy in a public area or in a relationship with another person. I always ask for permission when purifying a connection with another person.
From a heavy feeling, you can go to feeling lighter really easily and rapidly. There’s a slight energetic resemblance with Ho’oponopono. I feel you should choose whichever feels right to you. Everything is right and everything deserves to exist. If you feel better creating a psychic bubble around yourself (or a protective bubble), or if Ho’oponopono resonates with you, or anything else, just follow your feeling. Listen to your inner voice. I’m offering another technique and if this may help you, than this will make me happy. Nothing can be done the wrong way if we act from the heart. 

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