How to protect yourself during mystical experiences, astral travel, meditations and healing sessions?

There are 10000 techniques of spiritual and psychic protection, but the most important key is to first understand that there is no separation between the spiritual and the physical/material world. The hermetic law taught by Thoth says: ′′As above, so Below” -Which means that everything in the visible world finds its echo, its mirror in the invisible world. We cannot create anything that doesn’t already exist as a potential in the spiritual/invisible world.Neither can we cut ourselves off from the invisible world and live a purely material life. We can create the illusion, of course, and believe it very strongly, but it remains an illusion.

We are first, and for the greater part of our being, spiritual beings temporarily incarnated in our current physical body.If the spiritual world acts like the material world (or more correctly the visible world acts according to the same rules as the invisible world) then our mechanisms for protecting and preserving our energy and personal space should be the same in both circumstances. This means that the stronger our spiritual, mental and psychic boundaries are, the less easy it will be to manipulate us. We strengthen our barriers by setting healthy boundaries on our time and energy, by clarifying who we are, clarifying our values, what is acceptable or not acceptable to us. When we strengthen our signal, our source frequency, we reduce the chances of other energies throwing us off centre or invading us. When our signal is blurry: we don’t know who we are, we don’t have clear values, we are disconnected from our source frequency – it will be easy for other energies – visible and/or invisible to influence our thoughts, energy and our decision making.