What is an expansion or contraction of consciousness?

Expansion means becoming larger, vaster. This is quite literally what it means when you’re expanding your consciousness: you’re pushing your borders and expanding your environment, you’re allowing yourself to absorb more, and different, aspects of reality. Your reality is becoming larger as you expand your consciousness and this is allowing you to jump higher and dive deeper, you have more living space and you’re able to travel further and experience more than you have before. You’re now able to reach out and contact elements of reality that weren’t available to you before and you’re able to dive deeper into yourself and unearth aspects of yourself that were hidden/that you didn’t know existed. You have access to new knowledge and awareness, to new experiences that didn’t exist in your previous sense of reality. You are not “moving” to another level of existence (elevation), you’re simply allowing more layers and possibilities to enter into, and become part of, your reality.
A contraction of consciousness is the opposite movement: you limit your reality and yourself, you put up borders, you exclude certain aspects of reality and you deny yourself certain experiences, a certain awareness. This is usually caused by a painful experience or emotion: fear, hate, anger, sadness… can be triggers that make us wall off our reality and build our own personal prison of restrictions, if we don’t find a way to dive into those emotions and work through them.
Both movements are organic movements. As the universe contracts and expands, so does human consciousness and so does yours. There are moments when you will experience small contractions and there are moments when you will feel small or large expansions. You are constantly in movement and so is everyone and everything around you. Nothing is impossible, it’s good to keep in mind that nothing is fixed and contraction or expansion is always a possibility.

What can boost or support your expansion:

1) Detachment:

Of knowledge: You’re not attached to what you think you know. You don’t identify with any dogmatic, scientific, cultural.. “knowing”. You’re able to let go of any preconceived ideas when new experiences, ideas present themselves to you. You are willing and able to shift your perception of what is possible (or impossible) to include new information and to expand your field of possibilities. You know the permeable nature of “truth” as with every expansion or contraction you’ve witnessed a shift in your perception of “truth”.

What if You notice some new information is hitting a wall in your belief system and you just cannot bring yourself to expand your consciousness and let this new idea be part of your reality, even though you logically know that this information is probably true?
Don’t force yourself to believe something: If an idea comes by and you feel this information is just to far out for you, then leave the idea for what it is, it is not meant to enter your reality just yet. Don’t dismiss it, just put it aside. If you keep an open mind and this information is true, then through your own experience you will learn it’s truth sooner or later.

of idea of self: You do not limit yourself to the vision you and others have created of yourself and you keep discovering new aspects of yourself. You are aware that you are not your job, not your physical appearance, not your fame or lack of it, not your social circle… You do not limit your possibilities because of your “vision” of self. You do not identify with your emotions: you are not a sad person or a happy person, you are a person and sadness and happiness are emotions that you feel, but you know they are of passing nature. You know that when you hold on to a negative emotion, you’re causing suffering to yourself because of the contraction of your being and you are the only one who can stop your suffering. No matter what someone else does to you, it is nothing compared to the contraction and the pain this person is causing to his/her own soul and karmic being.

What if: You feel your limits from time to time because just cannot bring yourself to forgive someone or to detach from a negative emotion?
It’s ok to feel “negative” emotions from time to time or to struggle with something. Don’t add to your pain by feeling guilty about your inability to resolve the issue at hand right away. Take all the time you need to work towards a greater state of harmony and balance, there is no time limit! Just keep working at whatever it is that is keeping you from being free and don’t be to proud to ask for someone else’s help if you need it.

2) Humility:

You don’t consider yourself as a better or more evolved version of a human being than the people whose consciousness is not (yet) as open as yours. You know that by feeling better than someone else, you disconnect from the people you consider being “below” you, and thus you consciously contract your reality to exclude them. This means you are relocating your consciousness instead of expanding it.
You reach out to people who need and want a helping hand. The more people you can help expanding their reality and getting more out of life, the happier you feel. You know that this state of being is the natural state of being for humans and there’s no reason for you to feel special just because you realised this before others did. You share the information you learn, because this knowledge is the birthright of all human beings, it is not a privilege.

What if: You notice that sometimes you’re feeling disdain towards people that don’t have the same understanding you have and that live an unconscious life?
Try to put yourself in their situation: try to imagine you grew up under the same circumstances, you had the same kind of environment, you were surrounded by the same kind of people, you were fed the same kind of information… Maybe you can start to understand (not justify) the behaviour this person is manifesting?
Imagine yourself before you came to the level of understanding you have reached today: can you feel and see the walls you hit because of your limited belief system and the pain you caused yourself because of this? Maybe this can help you understand that the right attitude towards these people is compassion, not disdain, they are not as lucky as you are.

3) You have a friendly relationship with yourself:

You have developed confidence in your intuition and your inner guidance and you are confident when confronted with the opinions of others. You know what triggers you (what triggers your emotions, reactions), you are able to step into the role of observer and analyse your behaviour and reactions (you step in and out of the role of observer, rest assured, no-one is always observing their actions), which gives you the opportunity to reflect and adapt, to adjust and fine tune your impulsive actions. You leave no wound unattended, you work towards the healing of every painful memory, every emotion, every imbalance you find… You know how to center yourself, how to calm your inner storms.
You are aware of your abilities and your talents and you do what you need to keep growing. You live your life as much as possible in accord to your inner truth.

What if: You notice that sometimes you don’t fully trust your intuition and your inner guidance and you’re having trouble believing everything that you feel, that you sense?
Don’t be too hard on yourself, it is perfectly normal to doubt from time to time. Getting to trust yourself is a process, which you often start later on in life. Trusting yourself is not something you learn, on the contrary, your learn to blindly accept what others teach and tell you. So having a little self-doubt every now and then is normal, just beware of it and start observing the outcome: every time you go against your intuition and let yourself be influenced by someone else, is the outcome something that makes you happy? Probably not.
Make peace with the fact that you are a work in progress, like everyone else, and that every “mistake” is an opportunity to learn. You continue to learn throughout life, you are an eternal student of life and it’s mysteries.


Photo: Marcel Christ “Powder”
Sculpture: Paige Bradley “Expansion”