If you like to meditate, participate in group healing rituals, or you organise rituals for the new or full moon or for the druidic holidays, do you create your sacred space before engaging in the ritual? Maybe you’re one of those people who can just stop working and be in a meditative state 5 minutes later, but for the majority of people this is not the case and carefully preparing your sacred space will help you decompress, wind down and concentrate on yourself.

Why do you need to prepare your space and is it really necessary?

It is not necessary, we could meditate, introspect and reconnect to our essence in any kind of environment or situation, but preparing our meditation space helps us place a certain energy, helps us concentrate and let go of our daily preoccupations. While we’re busy preparing our space, we invite the energy of meditation in and we send the information to our body and our mind that we will take a time to reconnect to ourselves. We already get the energy moving by placing the intention of meditation. So preparing your space is useful to have an optimal meditation experience. Even more so when your meditation space or the space in which you do your ritual is a place that you use throughout the day, the preparation will help you get rid of the energies of the day and create an ideal environment to reconnect to yourself and disconnect from your mind. In a way we take care of our outside space so that it can reflect our inner space, we create on the outside what we feel on the inside. You consecrate a bit of your time and effort to yourself.

How to prepare your sacred space :

  • Tidy up and clean the space where you are going to meditate (hard to create inner harmony when you’re surrounded by chaos)
  • Eliminate outside sources of noise, create a serene and calm atmosphere (this includes letting your loved ones or the people that share your living space know that you need some time to yourself, switch off your telephone and electronic devices, etc.)
  • Decorate your space with candles, flowers, precious stones… External beauty invites internal beauty.
  • Decorate your meditation space with images that invoke inner peace and well-being. You can also integrate images of saints, of gods and goddesses or other representations of energies that inspire you.
  • Diffuse pleasant scents, smell essential oils, diffuse a pleasant perfume…
  • Listen to soft music, relaxing sounds or meditation music while you are preparing your space.
  • Integrate precious stones, Elixirs or other tools that have meaning to you into your ritual.
  • Incorporate elements, objects that you brought back from sacred sites and that have special meaning for you
  • Make sure you are comfortable: comfortable clothes and position, a comfortable cushion, nice room temperature, etc. Create an atmosphere that will help your body relax.
  • Place an intention before you start. Do you need anything right now?
  • Let go and release.

You can vary the decoration of your space and adapt it to how you are feeling, deploy your creativity. A ritual helps infuse our actions with consciousness and become co-creator of the moment. Even if you are participating in a guided meditation or receiving a healing session, it is important to take part in the process. You create a temple on the outside to be able to go into your temple on the inside.

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