By cultivating our connection to nature

A priestess is an ambassador of mother earth and she loves discovering all the precious gems of wisdom this planet graciously offers. She loves walking barefoot across the fields, dreaming in the woods, taking a refreshing dip in the rivers, getting inspired in the mountains, swimming in the oceans of this planet to soak in the beauty and the poetry of the land. She trusts ancestral methods above all and favours a return to source, to simplicity.

By living and consuming in a conscious way

A priestess strives to live consciously and infuse her everyday life with actions that have meaning and that correspond to who she is deep down. She doesn’t do things randomly or on auto-pilot, she is conscious of her impact on the fauna, flora and consciousness of this planet and this consciousness is reflected in her consumer choices. She is aware of the damage industrialisation has done to human and animal welfare and she prefers feeding, dressing and taking care of herself in a way that does least harm and that brings her closer to her essence.

By reintroducing a cyclical way of living 

A priestess listens to what happens inside and outside of her. This awareness helps her adapt her own rhythm to the rhythm of the seasons and of nature. Gifted with an inner clock and sensitive to the movements of the celestial bodies, she synchronises her breathing and creative cycles to those of the earth as she consciously wades through the ebb and flow of her own body in unison with the moon. Like a tree, she evolves and grows in experience at every new cycle.

By doing Rituals

A priestess is a creator of divine beauty. As a divine co-creator, she anchors sacredness in all aspects of her life and organises rituals to consciously experience powerful moments of transition in communion with the divine. Ritual allows her to honour her own sacredness as well as the divine that surrounds her and establish a profound and powerful dialogue with her own heart and soul.

By supporting her sisters

A priestess has a sense of community, she doesn’t compete with her sisters and she rejoices when one of them is capable of lighting sparks of consciousness and spreading seeds of beauty. She is inspired by the example of other authentic women, but this doesn’t mean she imitates them, she contributes her own highly individual and unique energy to the whole. She inspires and encourages other women through her own path and talents and she supports her sisters where she can.

By awakening the path of the Sacred Feminine

The path of a priestess honours the divine. This means that she doesn’t try to adapt to, or integrate, the masculine values that are predominant in our current society. She defines her own journey, according to her own rules, concurring with feminine values. She actively contributes to making the voice of the feminine heard and she incarnates the energy of the goddess in all that she says and does. She keeps learning, cultivating and informing herself all throughout her life to be able to develop her own voice, free from the influence of the cultural and historical misogyny and chauvinism that has been passed on to her through her education. She calls into question a version of history that only ever took into account the voices and opinions of men. She actively strives to correct the imbalanced idea that humanity has adopted about its past and through her own transmissions she resuscitates the voice of the goddess that calls to her across the boundaries of time and space.

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