Since 2011 we’ve entered an exceptional time period: the barriers between the different worlds are becoming permeable and we can now easily manifest beautiful things in the material world, in our everyday life…. if we know how to. The universe and its forces are there to help you along and to offer support for your different projects, if only you would ask for it’s help. 

How to obtain the support of the universe for your projects/for the reality you want to manifest in your life:

1) Don’t be afraid to ask:

There are many people who feel a bit embarrassed when they think about asking the universe for help, as if they were afraid to “disturb” something that big with their personal problems. Guess what: You’re part of this universe and it’s in the interest of the universe that you are doing well and that you find your path in life (and feel more happy and balanced as a consequence). This is your way to contribute to the harmony of life. The universe wants to help you, it’s what it does naturally, so don’t worry about it and don’t slow yourself down with mental blockages.


2) Efficient intentions come from the heart:

Meditate or connect to your heart before sending out your intentions. Let your intentions flow naturally and feel them vibrate in your heart. The heart emanates the most powerful energy field of the body and will easily attract the energies you need to move forward. When you manifest from the heart, you manifest with your whole being, with each and every one of your cells and you will send out an intention that resonates with your whole being.

When you think too hard about what you wish to manifest, if you’re too much in your head and your intentions emanate from your brain, you will attract contradictory energies. The brain is an organ that consists out of 2 different parts (left brain and right brain), and is subject to duality: it can create/attract what we desire, but it will also create and attract the opposite of what we desire. This is the perverted version of the law of attraction. You will attract energies that resonate with one aspect of your being in stead of your whole being.


3) Use positive affirmations:

The dynamics are simple: the universe doesn’t understand negation. If you put all of your attention on what you don’t want, this is what you’ll attract. For example: “I don’t want to have any more money issues.” The universe hears deficiency and you will manifest a deficiency in some area of your life. “I don’t want to move any more this year”: The universe hears move, so you better start packing.


4) Simplify your intentions:

Don’t complicate your request and stick to the essentials. Remove the unnecessary fringes of your question and go to the core of what you wish to attract. Here’s how the dynamics of the universe work: The more you’re able to clarify, simplify and concentrate your intention, the more effective it will be.
To accomplish this, here are the different steps:

A) Visualise that you’re already manifesting what you’ve asked for. Close your eyes and see yourself in this situation. How does this make you feel? Open your eyes and concentrate on the feeling you had. Now condense this feeling in one word. 
For example: “I want to earn a salary that allows me to live comfortably.”: The problem with this intention is that it’s a bit vague. What is comfortable? Don’t leave room for interpretation, because your request might be wrongly interpreted. Not only that, your request contains fear: fear of not having enough, fear of poverty. What you’re putting out is deficiency and so this is what you’ll attract.
What is the essence of your intention: to feel abundance. Your word could be “abundance”

B) To send out your intention you connect to your heart and you say the following sentence: “I set aside any space time attachment and I consciously connect to the energy of abundance.” Observe the feeling in your body, observe the change in your energy: your cells are synchronising with the vibration of abundance. The more you repeat this process, the more your cells will recognise this vibration and the more you will invite this energy into your life. You can transpose this exercise to every intention you wish to manifest.

For example: “I want to meet someone”: Love
                     “I want to feel less alone”: Friendship
                     “I want to stop smoking”: Health
etc, etc…


5) Let go:

Once you sent out your request, let it go. Often you can’t even begin to imagine the things that are within your possibilities and even more often your desires will manifest in a completely unexpected way. If you obsess about the how or the when, you block the energy of plenty of beautiful things that could be part of reality. You sent out your request and now you can move on to something else.

Example: Often, in the beginning of a personal development workshop people will write down their intentions. At the end of the workshop the majority of people is amazed by the answers they got, the clarifications they received and the numerous new ideas that emerged. They say to themselves that they’re unable to get answers that clear at home. And yes, there is a group effect, the energy of a group intensifies intentions, but more important that is the fact that you forgot about your intention. You were so busy during the day or week that you completely forgot about your intentions until the moment you reread them.

6) Confidently participate:

The creation of the life you wish to live is a collaboration between you and the universe: You’re part of the manifestation process and you’re supposed to act accordingly. Don’t just wait for the result to manifest, you’re not assuming your own personal power this way. If certain opportunities present themselves to you: cease them. If there are choices to be made and one of the options doesn’t bring you closer to what you wish to manifest, don’t accept to be pulled in that direction. Become conscious of your actions and distance yourself from everything that separates you from what you wish to attract and seek vibrations that match the vibrational reality you aspire to. You’re an active participant and you co-create the reality you’re perceiving. 


°*°*°*°*I wish you all many beautiful creations*°*°*°*°