Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono, sometimes translated as “putting things to rights”, “amend”, “rectify”) is a social tradition of spirituality of reconciliation and asking for forgiveness in ancient Hawaï.

Everyone of us is responsible for the bad things and suffering that Feeling Beings and our earth are experiencing. By healing this shadowpart of ourselves, we can heal the entire planet. You can do the Ho’oponopono at any moment of the day, as many times as you like and for every situation you would like to see turn around or change.

– Think about what you want to change
– Say “Divinity (or whoever it is you prefer addressing yourself to), clean the memories in me of … (the situation you want to change)
– I’m sorry,
– Forgive me,
– Thank you,
– I love you”
And repeat several times “Thank you, I love you”…


I’m sorry = you acknowledge your responsibility (your own feelings of hate and violence, even if they have no direct link to the subject you want to change, have grown the dark egregores that contain these negative feelings)

Forgive me = You’re asking the universel power of love to enable you to forgive yourself

Thank you = thankfullness and belief in a positive outcome

I love you = Transforms the blocked energy in circulating, flowing energy.